Escape Rooms – A Global Experience

Escape Rooms are a global activity ! What this means is that wherever you travel or visit you will likely find an escape room company or two willing to entertain you.

New experiences and adventures await wherever you go. Many the city have unique creations, sometimes focusing on their particular locations.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have hosted players from all over the world! Many have traveled here for business. Many have come for sporting events or concerts. Many have come to visit friends or relatives. Others have come to explore what Manitoba and Winnipeg have to offer. We have even seen travelers that base their travels on experiencing particular escape rooms!

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have always welcomed everyone to post a pin on our large world map just inside our front door.

Where in the world have you come from ? Whether you are visiting Winnipeg or have settled here from somewhere else feel free to proudly post your pin on your next visit. When you step back and take a look at the map it is quite amazing to see how much diversity there is in the world.

From Steinbach to Istanbul, from Brandon to Rome, you are all welcome to call Time Lapse your home. At least for the short time you are with us. Happy and safe travels everyone !!!


First Escape Room Ever

Many players to our rooms ask where escape rooms started. Generally we say they started in Asia and then moved quickly to Europe then to the US.

But where exactly was the very first escape room created?

It seems that the very first room was created in Japan in 2007. It’s creator transformed the concept of the escape room video game that became popular after its introduction in 2004. The idea was to give players the opportunity of becoming much more immersed than in the video game.

The idea quickly spread across the rest of Asia before arriving in Europe. Budapest Hungary was the pioneering city in Europe with the very first room opening there in 2011.

The first escape room to open in the United States was in 2012 and in Canada the first room opened in 2013.

There you have it. The very brief history of the escape room industry.

It’s no wonder why escape rooms have caught on so quickly. Where else can you escape your everyday life and be transported into a challenging and exciting experience without any risk of physical danger? Then be safe and sound back home for dinner in about an hour.

Where and when will your next escape room adventure take you ? In the world of escape rooms, anything is possible. Have Fun !!!


Holiday Party Fun

Escape Rooms are a great activity to include for your next holiday party. Not only are they a lot of fun but they help with team building and getting to know your co workers and friends better.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms offers a number of options for your next holiday party. Our 4 on site escape rooms can hold up  to 32 players at a time. Do the rooms then venture out to one of the many local restaurants in the area. Or better yet, bring in your own food and rent out our party room and/or front lobby for the whole afternoon or  evening as well.

For another option, check out one of our existing portable escape rooms. For this option we will come to you. Have your employees or guests take turns doing our 15 to 30 minute on site escape experience. A great addition to an already booked facility.

For the portable option we will provide a dedicated game master to run the game for the whole day or evening. We transport, set up and take down all for one reasonable cost. Our portables require 10 feet by 10 feet of floor space for the room plus a bit more for the entrance etc.

Check out Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next holiday party fun. Visit our web site at or give us a call at 204 487-2262 today.

Time Lapse Makes Scents

Escape Rooms are a fun and rewarding way to enjoy a special occasion or an evening out. You are taken away from your everyday world and immersed in your theme of choice for an hour long adventure. A real escape experience.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we take your experience very seriously. We believe your experience should be as realistic and immersive as possible. That is why we consider all of your senses, including smell, for a total escape room experience.

We are the only Escape Room that we are aware of that offers the option of adding scents to your experience. The scents that we use are custom designed to the theme you will be enjoying. What better way to add to the feeling that you are where we want you to be. Immersed.

You can add the scents option when you are booking on line or you can ask for scents to be added when you are making your booking by phone. Upon your arrival we will always double check to make sure no one in your group has allergies or sensitivities to fragrance before adding them to your experience.

Scents are another great reason to choose Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next escape room adventure.  It makes a whole lot of scents.


The Warlock’s Curse – A Halloween Treat

The Warlock’s Curse room at Time Lapse Escape Rooms opened in October 2017 and has been entertaining and thrilling players ever since.

This Halloween take an adventure into the deep dark underworld of Alderon the warlock. A dark and creepy room where absolutely anything can happen. Where your Game Master is not quite human – A human hybrid in fact. So beware ! Alderon and his evils could appear anywhere and at any time.

You will not find any traditional padlocks in this room. The solving of each puzzle will create a surprising outcome within the room itself.

Round up your most adventurous friends and prepare to take on the evils in Alderon’s world of the dark . Will the future of humankind survive or will the world be plunged into eternal darkness ?  Only you can determine that fate.

See you in the underworld  !!!!


Time Lapse Thanksgiving Message

Time Lapse Escape Rooms would like to take this time to give thanks to each and every player that has enjoyed experiencing our creations over the past couple of years. Without this support, the creation and building of new room ideas would not be possible.

Our development team is currently putting the finishing touches on our second portable escape room ” Enchanted Forest ” . This should prove to be an awesome addition to the already completed and tested portable escape room ” Kingdom of Chaos “. If you have a special event coming up, check out our web site for the options for booking these rooms.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms currently has 4 permanent escape rooms running. “Trapped In Time” – a time travelling adventure, “Tick Tock”- a role playing murder mystery, “The Warlock’s Curse”- a mystical and magical underworld adventure and “Gold Rushed” – an adventure into the Klondike gold rush era.

Having recently expanded the King Edward location, there is space now for 2 additional permanent escape rooms. Currently  under development is the fifth permanent room ” Eye of the Spy ” . Not much can be released about this room at this early stage, but all that can be said is if you like the James Bond series you will love this room.

The sixth permanent room is still yet to be determined as many ideas and options are still being thrown around. Stay Tuned.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we are always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain you in the escape room world. Embracing new technology as it becomes available is always high on our agenda.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!



Time Lapse Virtual Reality

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is the only escape room in Winnipeg to offer Virtual Reality. Try our single player virtual reality escape rooms and you will be amazed. Take turns and record your friends doing wild and crazy things. Crawling and screaming your way to freedom within a 10 minute game. Are you up for the challenge ???

Geist Manor is by far one of the scariest and most immersive escape room experience available in Winnipeg. If you like being scared in a controlled environment then this game is for you. IF YOU DARE !!! Remember YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ALONE !!!


You are locked in a little girl’s playroom which is not quite what it seems. In virtual reality, anything can happen and it will.

We have had players request the game to be stopped due to extreme fear. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE ??? Will you survive to escape another day ??


Check out the following video to get a glimpse into the experience.

The Time Lapse Virtual Reality room can be booked either on line or by phone. Rates are $20.00 per half hour experience.

See you in the virtual world !!!!


Time Lapse Party Room

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is one of the few escape rooms in Winnipeg to offer a party room for special events.

Escape rooms are a fun form of entertainment for all ages and what better way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Combining a fun activity with a place to enjoy a meal and cake with your family and friends makes a whole lot of sense.

The Time Lapse party room rental offers a pizza package option from Little Caesar’s Pizza as well. They will take care of everything except the cake. From room decoration to dishes and food and drink it makes for a simple solution for a special event for family and friends.

The Time Lapse party room is normally rented for one hour after the escape room experience. This can be coordinated with the Time Lapse staff when booking your special event.

For your next party or event, consider the Time Lapse Party Room for your total package solution.

Time Lapse Spells Fun For All

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms their main goal is to ensure that each and every player has a fun time.

No matter whether you succeed at escaping or solving the room, they want you to have fun. All of their rooms are designed with that main goal in mind.

From the welcoming staff at reception to the enthusiastic game masters that run your games, they want you to know that you are the reason they are there.

Designed with theatrical intros to each room and built in surprises and special effects along the way, there is a lot more than mere puzzles that set their rooms apart from others.

F – Finding clues and Figuring out solutions to puzzles with Family and          Friends.

U – Understanding the Unique story lines and Uncovering ways to move forward in the rooms.

N – New ways of thinking are discovered in every New room that you have Never seen before.

As you can see, FUN is built into everything at Time Lapse, even this blog post. Can you find the secret three digit code in the above lines of this post ?

At Time Lapse, Fun is number one.

Time Lapse Offers Unique Creations

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we pride ourselves on developing unique never seen before experiences.

Time Lapse is owned, operated and fully developed by a local Winnipeg family. Created from the love of doing escape rooms, it truly shows that a lot of work and passion goes into each and every component of all their creations.

The creative process begins with the development of a unique story line complete with characters. This story line is used to develop unique and quite often bizarre looking puzzles and props. The puzzle flow is carefully crafted to ensure all players are engaged at all times.

Profits have always been a secondary goal at Time Lapse. Their belief is that if you build a unique, quality product and offer exceptional customer service only good things can happen.

The Escape Room business is all about entertainment and offering a fun, rewarding and challenging experience to each and every player.

If you are looking for something unique and fun to do, then you must give Time Lapse a try.