Local Family Run Fun

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is a local Winnipeg business run by a local Winnipeg family. As lifelong residents of Winnipeg, the Lyons family have been creating fun and challenging escape rooms for you all to enjoy for the past three years.

They have become well known for their very unique and creative ideas as well as sometimes off the wall story lines. It is guaranteed that you will never see any of their creations anywhere else ( unless someone else has copied them of course ) .

All puzzles, props and room decor ideas are completely developed in house. They always keep an eye on new and emerging technologies to help provide the most entertaining and mind blowing experience.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms currently runs four permanent escape room experiences at their King Edward location ” Trapped In Time, Tick Tock, The Warlock’s Curse and Gold Rushed “.   They also operate two portable escape room experiences ” Kingdom Of Chaos and Enchanted Forest ” designed to be set up almost anywhere for large group functions.

Right now they are working on their fifth permanent escape room experience, “Eye Of The Spy” . This room will also be located at their King Edward location and promises to live up to their tradition of being completely unique and entertaining.  Apparently many new twists and turns and another off the wall story line as well.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding escape room experience, you will want to try Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next outing. It is always nice to know that you will be supporting a local Winnipeg family as well.


Introducing Eye Of The Spy

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce the name and theme of their newest escape room experience ” Eye OF The Spy “, a thrilling spy adventure.

Based loosely around the most popular spy themed movies and shows, it promises to be an action packed hour of adventure for all players. The room is being designed with all age groups in mind. It will not be a scary adventure but it will be one with many new twists and turns never seen before.

A brief synopsis of the story line is being developed and here is what we have so far. Please note this could change many times before a final version is decided upon.

*** The leader of an evil organization known as “The Disruptors” , “Dr. Schtrovitz” , has been sighted in the remote jungles of Peru near the village of Boca Manu. “The Disruptors” are believed to be responsible for a devastating natural disaster near the South Pole. Your task is to find and destroy their secret compound and escape to safety before they are able to do more damage to the world as we know it.  Hurry  Agents , you haven’t much time.***

As with all Time Lapse creations, eye of the spy will be full of unique and carefully crafted puzzles and props designed to entertain. In addition, there could be theatrical elements introduced where your Game Master will play a role in the immersion of your experience. As you may already know and have experienced, we love adding the element of the unexpected to all of our rooms.

As this room is currently in the development stage, an exact opening date has not yet been determined. As you know, we never rush the development of any of our rooms. We want to make sure everything is done as authentically and accurately as possible to ensure the best possible entertainment experience.

Stay tuned for more details as the room develops. We promise you , it will be well worth the wait.


Exercise Your Mind

One thing about escape rooms that is very rarely mentioned is that escape rooms are designed to exercise your mind, not your muscles !!!

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we tell everyone in our intro briefing that escape rooms are a mind game not a muscle game. Sure, we tell players this to try to prevent physical damage to props and puzzles.  But it also means you don’t have to be an athlete or in top physical shape to enjoy an escape room.

Escape rooms can be enjoyed by everyone no matter your physical condition. At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we even have rooms that are good for those with physical disabilities or even wheelchair bound. Call us for more details on how we can adapt to your special needs.

So never fear, you will not need a great deal of physical ability to participate and enjoy any of our escape rooms. This we absolutely promise. You are here with us to exercise your mind. This does not mean that you will never break a sweat though. When you exercise your mind it is quite amazing how much heat can be generated.

There are plenty of activities out there to exercise your muscles but only one that I can think of that will truly exercise your mind. Escape Rooms. As my old saying about escape rooms goes, fun for all and all for fun.

Call us or book on line to find out how much fun it can be today to exercise your mind in one of the Time Lapse Escape Rooms.


Escape For All Ages

Escape Rooms are a great form of entertainment for all ages !!

Many have the misconception that they are too old or not smart enough to try an escape room. This is truly false.

After almost three years in the business, I can say that Escape Rooms are truly enjoyed by all ages from eight to eighty. Young kids are amazing at taking things at face value and figuring it all out. Adults find it to be a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. For the elderly, it keeps their minds sharp and gives them a sense of adventure.

Actually, mixed groups including all ages can have the most fun of all. What other activity can you include three generations of your family for an hour of fun ?

And forget about not thinking you are smart enough. I have seen doctors, engineers and other professionals do not as well as others. An escape room opens up your mind to think in many different ways. Some people are good at finding clues, others are good at solving math puzzles, while others  excel at worded or physical type puzzles. Many are surprised at how well they do.

One of the most important things to remember when doing an escape room is that your group should all work together to use all the individual strengths of each player. This is the best way to ensure every member of your group comes away with a positive and rewarding experience.

Give Time Lapse Escape Rooms a call or book on line today to experience your very own Escape For All Ages.

Red Herrings Not Allowed

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms, we have a strong dislike for Red Herrings !!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Red Herrings, they are simply items placed in an escape room that are not part of solving a puzzle. They have the effect of distracting you in finding clues and solving puzzles.

Some escape rooms use Red Herrings in their design to make their rooms more difficult. At Time Lapse, instead of using Red Herrings, we design our puzzles to the level of difficulty we want to achieve. We find this makes our rooms much more enjoyable and less frustrating. The last thing players want to do is spend their precious time on something that is not in play.

This is not to say that we don’t place items in a room that are not in play. What we do is place one of our Time Lapse stickers on the items not in play and explain this in the game master’s intro. This way you can get the effect of the item as a prop without the frustration of wasting your time with it.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we design our rooms with you in mind. We feel that there is no good reason to frustrate our players with these distractions that will waste your valuable time and slow down your progress in the game.

You will never see the use of a Red Herring in one of Time Lapse Escape Rooms designs. This we guarantee.

Happy escaping everyone !!!


Time Lapse Number One Goal

Our Number One Goal at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is to ensure everyone has a fun and rewarding experience.

At Time Lapse we see a lot of new players each and every day.  Our goal has always been to ensure each player, whether experienced or not, comes away with a positive new experience.

Some newcomers have told us that they are now hooked  on escape rooms and will come back to play again. Even some experienced players have told us that Time Lapse is the Best Escape Room in Winnipeg  that they have done. Both are very good signs that we are doing our job and fulfilling our number one goal.

Most new players come away with a very positive experience. Many say that it was totally different than what they expected in a very positive way. Many newcomers say that it was harder than they thought and that they enjoyed that it was. Overcoming a challenge always gives a player a very positive feeling.

Many new players have said that they enjoyed the stories and being immersed into the stories as either a character or a group of characters placed in a harrowing situation. Basically, an escape from everyday life.

At Time Lapse we have always been dedicated to providing the most fun and rewarding experience possible for each and every player. We design each room to have its very own wow factor. Whether its in the form of an awesome piece of technology or an interesting interaction with the game master ( or both ), its all part of the design.

As we continue in 2019 with work on our 5th escape room design, we ensure you it is being designed with you in mind.  To ensure that you will have the most positive, challenging and rewarding experience possible. And yes, it will have a wow factor like you have never seen before.


2019 Here We Come

Happy New Year everyone from Time Lapse Escape Rooms !!! We would like to thank everyone for all your support in 2018 and wish you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous new year in 2019.

2019 promises to be another very busy year here at Time Lapse Escape Rooms.

Development is currently underway for our 5th escape room adventure. Stay tuned for further announcements soon. It promises to be something you have never experienced before. As always it is a wild and crazy story line as we have now become known for.

Our 6th escape room adventure is also in the preliminary stages of conception. Many things can change at this stage of development so stay tuned for future announcements. Please be patient though as it takes time to develop good quality escape room adventures. We ensure you it will be well worth the wait.

We will also be further developing our portable escape room options in 2019. The current Kingdom of Chaos and Enchanted Forest rooms are available for booking. Check out these exciting new mini adventures for your next party or function.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019 and to continue entertaining you with our new and exciting creations. Happy escaping everyone !!!

Happy Holiday Fun

Time Lapse Escape Rooms would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

The winter holiday break can be a very busy and sometimes stressful time for many. All the frantic shopping, all the meals to be made, all the presents to be wrapped, etc. etc. etc.

What better way to unwind than by escaping to a world far away. At least for an hour or so. Time Lapse Escape Rooms has four awesome adventures to choose from to escape the holiday hustle and bustle.

Join Professor Perron on a mind blowing time travelling adventure. Or join the Time Lapse Police Department and try to put a notorious serial killer where he belongs. If you are into fantasy, join Alderon the Warlock in a creepy underworld adventure where anything can happen. Or learn what it felt like to be a part of the great Klondike Gold Rush in northern Canada.

For smaller groups, check out our Virtual Reality adventures. Individual players can experience being trapped in an ancient tomb. Or feel what its like to be abducted by aliens. For the true adventurist try escaping from a creepy little girl’s playroom where anything can happen.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some family fun. Come join us this holiday season and let us entertain you and your family and friends. Happy Holidays.


Escape Rooms – Are You Really Locked In ?

Many newcomers to escape rooms are a bit uneasy about the idea of being locked in a room for an hour. I must say that is a terrifying thought that probably would keep many people from ever trying an escape room.

Relax, I have good news. At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we do not lock you in any of our rooms. You are always free to leave through the door you came in if panic sets in or if nature calls. In fact none of the escape rooms that I have ever done in Manitoba actually lock you in.

I have done rooms in other places that do lock you in, however, there has always been a key to get out within easy reach. This is probably a good thing to check out before booking a room elsewhere. If you go travelling and feel uneasy about the thought of actually being locked in a room find out first.

Many story lines of escape rooms do try to make you believe that you’re locked in. But it is only for telling the story and simulating a dire situation. Somewhat like big screen movies, escape rooms try to immerse you into the story and environment you are about to experience. I like to call it Hollywood magic.

If you are new to the idea of trying an escape room but were too afraid to try, you can rest assure that they are a very safe activity. The most physically dangerous thing that I could imagine happening is maybe slipping or tripping over something or someone. That’s it.

So put down your worries about being trapped. Put down your worries of getting hurt. Relax and enjoy the escape room experience that has been carefully designed to be your entertaining and magical experience. A truly unforgettable experience for many.


Escape Rooms – A Global Experience

Escape Rooms are a global activity ! What this means is that wherever you travel or visit you will likely find an escape room company or two willing to entertain you.

New experiences and adventures await wherever you go. Many the city have unique creations, sometimes focusing on their particular locations.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have hosted players from all over the world! Many have traveled here for business. Many have come for sporting events or concerts. Many have come to visit friends or relatives. Others have come to explore what Manitoba and Winnipeg have to offer. We have even seen travelers that base their travels on experiencing particular escape rooms!

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have always welcomed everyone to post a pin on our large world map just inside our front door.

Where in the world have you come from ? Whether you are visiting Winnipeg or have settled here from somewhere else feel free to proudly post your pin on your next visit. When you step back and take a look at the map it is quite amazing to see how much diversity there is in the world.

From Steinbach to Istanbul, from Brandon to Rome, you are all welcome to call Time Lapse your home. At least for the short time you are with us. Happy and safe travels everyone !!!