Time Lapse Second Portable Room

Time Lapse  is proud to announce the development of it’s second portable escape room experience ” The Enchanted Forest “.

On a hike in the woods, you and your group have wandered off the main trail and now find yourselves lost.

Moving forward to find your way back to the trail, you feel pulled towards a bright light coming from an area of thick foliage. Arriving at the light you become terribly disoriented and cannot see a way out – it all looks the same.

In front of you is a strange looking note that describes what you have to do to get out of this trap….You must find four magical leaves and join them together to escape the enchanted forest.

You have a mere 15 to 30 minutes until the intoxicating forest renders you unconscious and absorbs you to never be seen again.

The Enchanted forest is scheduled to be available for booking by October 1. It will be available in 15 minute and 30 minute versions.

Stay tuned for further announcements on booking this experience.


3 More Escape Room Tips

For those new to escape rooms and for those who want to improve their experience we offer three more tips to getting the most out of your next Escape Room experience.


Tip # 1

Look at all of the physical locks at the beginning of your game. This will give you an idea of what codes you will be looking for.

Tip # 2

Listen to all of your team mates ideas no matter how crazy they may sound. All escape rooms are designed differently and you never know, your team mate might be on to something.

Tip # 3

Overthinking a puzzle is quite common with a lot of players. A lot of the time the most obvious and simple solution is right in front of you. Try the simple solution first and you may be surprised at the results.


At Time Lapse we want you to have the most fun and rewarding experience possible. Winning or escaping the room is a very rewarding experience, but remember just to have fun.


Time Lapse Portable Room

Time Lapse is proud to announce the development of it’s first portable escape room ” Kingdom of Chaos “.

You are the last remaining members of the royal family as your kingdom is under siege by a brutal force. Your Royal Guard has placed you in the secured royal chamber for your protection. Frantically, you can hear that they are losing the battle to save you.

Your only hope of survival is to find the way to unlock the heavily secured entrance to the escape tunnel your king has left for you. But hurry, you only have 15 minutes before it’s too late.

Kingdom of Chaos is scheduled to be  available for booking by September 1. It will be available in a 15 minute or 30 minute version. It promises to be a great form of entertainment for your next party or fund raising event.

Stay tuned for further details about booking this room.


Top 3 Tips for New Escape Room Players

Are you new to playing escape rooms ? Read on to find out how to get the most out of your first time escape room experience.

Tip #1

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms, we design our rooms with one thing in mind. To ensure all players HAVE FUN. This is our number one rule when our Game Masters explain the rules.

Tip #2

Escape rooms can be very challenging and sometimes frustrating. Be sure to ASK FOR CLUES when you are stumped with a puzzle. At Time Lapse unless you are competing for our leader board you get an unlimited number of clues without any penalty.

Tip #3

When possible, work on different puzzles at the same time. This means your group should SPLIT UP to make better time. Some puzzles are designed for more than one player in order to complete.


Escape rooms are a fun, mind challenging and immersive form of entertainment. You never know what you are going to encounter as all rooms are designed differently. Keeping the above tips in mind should help you come away with a positive, rewarding experience.

Have Fun !!!


Gold Rushed – Uncovered

The owners of Time Lapse Escape Rooms have brought their love of Dawson City Yukon to life in their new room Gold Rushed !

Having all traveled to Dawson City a number of years ago, they were amazed at the effect the lure of wealth had on people during the Klondike Gold Rush. The hardship that adventurers endured just to get there and then the back breaking work to eke out a few flakes of gold.

In the land of the midnight sun, where the sunset is at 3am and sunrise at 5 am during the warm summer months, meant plenty of time for prospectors to work their claims. The opposite effect in the long cold winter months with barely any daylight hours at all meant great hardship for those who could not afford to return home.

The setting of Gold Rushed is in the Gold Dust Lodge, an accurate recreation of a remote watering hole (not the real name), where prospectors spent many of their darkest hours. You will see the infamous local drink, the sour toe cocktail, that actually contains a real human toe from those who lost them due to frostbite. A tradition that continues to this day.

Come take a step back in time and travel to the remote Canadian north to experience life in the Klondike Gold Rush era. Fun Fact – Dawson City Yukon was the largest Canadian city west of Winnipeg during the Klondike Gold Rush.


Hot For The Summer at Time Lapse

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce it’s participation in the Hot For The Summer radio campaign at Winnipeg’s HOT 100.5

Look for the HOT 100.5 booth at all major events for the month of July for your chance to win a hot night out at Time Lapse Escape Rooms with 2 of HOT 100.5’s radio personalities.

The Time Lapse Escape Rooms ” Hot Night Out” will be held on July 31 with the winner’s choice of 4 escape themes. Choose from a Time Travelling adventure with the crazy Professor Perrin, a Murder Mystery with the Time Lapse Police Department, a deep dark underworld adventure with Alderon the warlock or cool off with the claim jumpers in the  new Gold Rushed adventure in Canada’s remote north.

It is certain to be a memorable night out that everyone at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to present.

Gold Rushed Opening Soon

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce the opening of their newest creation, ” Gold Rushed ” . The room will be available for booking starting July 16, 2018.

Set in the latter part of the Klondike Gold Rush era of the late 1800’s, you will be taken back in time and immersed in the remote northern boom town of Dawson City Yukon. Life in the Klondike was harsh and brutal where many hopeful prospectors perished in search of their dreams of wealth.

The few that became extremely wealthy, had to constantly protect their findings from ruthless claim jumpers.  Your goal in this room is to secure your group’s large golden nugget before the claim jumpers find it and escape to freedom. Your partner Ruby, who owns the Gold Dust Lodge, has been killed trying to safeguard the nugget. She has hidden the nugget somewhere in her lodge and has given you clues to find it and escape.

Good luck prospectors. Hurry, you must find your hidden nugget and escape to freedom before the claim jumpers return to finish you off.

This room is designed to be family  friendly and good for all ages. Group sizes of between minimum of 4 and maximum of 8.


Virtual Reality Comes to Time Lapse

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to announce the addition of our new virtual reality escape room experiences.

Initially we are offering 3 – 10 minute escape room vr experiences never seen before in Winnipeg. These are individual game experiences that your group can take turns sharing. Find out who in your group will have the best time and who will look the most ridiculous. Recording and sharing your experience is welcomed.


Geist Manor –  A creepy and terrifying room that will send shivers down your spine. Escape Geist Manor or forever become a permanent zombie resident.

Subject X – Abduction – Feel what it is like to be abducted by aliens. Find your way to freedom before you become a terrifying alien experiment. Please be advised that in this room you must crawl your way to freedom.

Lost Legends – The Pharoah’s Tomb – Sealed in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb, you must find your way to the surface before you perish from an agonizing suffocating death.


Our VR room is booked by the half hour. The rate is $20.00 per half hour time slot including all taxes. We recommend booking one half hour time slot per member of your group if you wish to experience all 3 rooms.

Call 204-487-2262 to book your totally immersive virtual reality escape room experience today.

Life In The Warlock’s Home

  • Life in the underworld has been very difficult for Alderon. In order to try and break his curse he has had to venture to the surface in search of the missing piece to the magical amulet.

Many of his fellow warlocks have perished by the intense light from the surface. Fortunately for Alderon he has discovered a way to temporarily survive the burning light. By consuming human flesh just before dawn he has managed to barely survive.

A few close calls have left him terribly disfigured as the bright light has scorched his fragile flesh. His hideous looks are just a part of the terrible curse that has been cast upon him.

He is really looking forward to inviting you to his home. This way he will no longer have to venture to the surface and risk further trama. ” Humans are wonderful creations and I want to help the special ones who will release me from my curse “.

Will you be one of the lucky ones that Alderon rewards with unimaginable wealth ? Or will you become just another of his many victims lost in the underworld  ?

Book today to determine your fate. If you dare !!!!

The Warlock is Awakening

Alderon is becoming very excited to welcome you to his home in the underworld. He needs you to help him break his curse. But do you have the courage to help him out ?

Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

His offer of unlimited wealth is hard to resist. But is it enough to get you to venture into his world of the unknown ?

“Humans are weak and gullible ! They will believe anything you say if they think they will benefit !” These are Alderon’s words.

Alderon is a very intelligent and evil immortal. One of the last to survive the curse, he is very resourceful and will do absolutely anything to get what he wants.

Work is progressing well on this very unique adventure. The creative team at Time Lapse are promising you something you have never seen before in an Escape Room experience.

Please be patient though as we are being very careful and thorough to make sure your experience will be something to remember.

Stay tuned for further words from Alderon ! He is becoming restless and wants to see you soon !