Print and Play Games

Print and Play Games

What are Print and Play Games?

Escape at home! Time Lapse’s Print and Play escape games are designed to be family friendly games that are fun and interactive for all ages (8+)! All you need to get started is a printer (colour recommended), scissors and something to write with!

It is optional to be played over zoom, google hangouts or other video chatting platforms with family and friends in different households and cities! Contact us for larger virtual team building options!

How it Works:

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to a downloadable document that will contain the instructions, printouts, hints and solutions!

You will also be given a link to a Google Form where you will enter your answers and are provided with additional information for each puzzle. You will need to enter the password given to you in the instructions onto the Google Form in order to continue to the first puzzle! 

All Print and Play Games are designed by the family of Time Lapse Escape Rooms. We love to create original authentic games for our customers that you can’t find or buy anywhere else! Thanks so much for your support during challenging times. We hope you enjoy!