What is an escape room?

In a real life escape room, you and a team of your closest escapees are placed in a room under exciting and harrowing circumstances. To succeed in the game, you must use the clues and resources provided to solve a series of mysteries and puzzles and escape the room before time runs out. The perfect mix of creativity, challenge, and adventure, Time Lapse Escape Rooms are the ultimate test of wit and ingenuity. Are you clever enough to escape?

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Corporate Team Building, Special Events and Parties

For your next birthday or special event try something new and unique. Tell your friends to prepare for a memorable night, then get ready for your epic adventure. For corporate teams and co-workers its a great way to bond and build teamwork. An escape room is an immersive experience that requires a collaborative effort and outside the box thinking. So, rally your co-workers and break out of the cubicle to experience a dynamic and creative scenario; a truly unique way to foster team collaboration and bonding.


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The Escape Rooms

Choose Your Adventure

Trapped in Time - Winnipeg Escape Room

Trapped In Time

Recommended 4-6 players

Professor Perrin is a strange and somewhat persuasive old man. He claims to have been a Quantum Physics Professor at a local university a number of years ago. He says he has been working on time travel and wants you and your friends to join him in his latest experiment. Being curious and thinking it is all a joke, you agree to see what he’s got. Read More

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Winnipeg Escape Room - Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Recommended 4-6 players

Timothy Tokar is an extremely disturbed and dangerous individual. He is a suspect in many disappearances in our city but has been smart enough to elude our capture for the past few years. We are now hot on the case of the recent homicide of Detective Brady’s son and we know Mr. Tokar is responsible. Read More

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Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

The Warlock’s Curse – Evil Unleashed

Recommended 4-8 players.

This room is intended to be creepy and not recommended for younger players

Cursed for a millennium by the “Good Witch” and banished to the underworld, Alderon is a ruthless and evil warlock who surfaces from time to time to roam the streets of our city looking for the key to unlock his curse. After decades of searching he finds the missing piece to a magical amulet which he hopes could be the key to breaking his curse… Read More

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Winnipeg Escape Room - Gold Rushed

Gold Rushed

Recommended 4-6 players
Ruby, the beloved owner of the Gold Dust Lodge, recently met an untimely death and you suspect a group of notorious claim jumpers were responsible.  Read More

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New at Time Lapse – VR Escape Games – Put on the headset, the headphones and grab the controllers – Transform yourself into our virtual worlds – A truly immersive experience.

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