Extra at Time Lapse

It is nothing new that Time Lapse Escape Rooms puts a lot of extra effort into all of their creations. There are many extra features that no other escape room in Winnipeg has ever thought of.

For instance, no other escape room offers the added feature of scents in the rooms. Immersion in an escape room is all about making you feel you have actually left reality and transported to the world they have created. Adding the unique scent of the world you are going to makes it all that more believable. Scents are not used for any of the puzzles so their use is strictly optional and we always make sure no one has any allergies before adding the scents.

Another extra at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is that all of the game masters create a unique team sign for their groups to be used in the group photo at the end of the game. At TLER we recognize that each and every group deserves to have something extra special just for them. Take a look at the group photos on Facebook and you will see what we mean. Some of the team signs you will see are extremely creative.

Something that is a little different than other escape rooms is the addition of theatrics in our newer rooms. The added element of having a live actor in the room to add to the adventure is truly unique to Time Lapse. Each game master adds their own uniqueness to the rooms that they run. Another little extra that adds to the special experience for each group.

The above are just a few of the extra elements that you will see when visiting Time Lapse Escape Rooms. Their goal is to create the most unique and rewarding experience and to ensure that all groups leave feeling that they have had a fun and exciting time. Regardless of whether they escape the rooms each and every time, everyone must leave with a positive and rewarding experience. This is the goal of each and every escape room experience at Time Lapse Escape Rooms!