The Warlock is Hungry

Alderon the Warlock has been cursed for a millennium by the Good Witch. His only way to withstand the tortures of venturing to the surface is to consume human flesh.

Alderon is in need of new human volunteers to assist him in breaking his curse. Do you have what it takes to venture into Alderon’s deep dark underworld home of the warlock where anything can happen ?

He promises to give you riches beyond your imagination if you succeed. Zurbas are the warlock currency and are extremely valuable on the surface because of their magical powers.

You see, a warlock is a male witch and many have fallen prey to the temptations of evils beyond their control. Some warlocks are even seen as evil themselves however this is not always true.

This Halloween give yourself a deep dark underworld treat of the warlock underworld and see if you can capture a fortune in mystical Zurbas.

The Warlock’s Curse – Evil Unleashed is Time Lapse Escape Rooms darkest and scariest room. It is completely electronic with absolutely no padlocks of any kind. When you solve a puzzle something magical will happen that is totally unexpected.

Also in this room, you must be aware that your game master is not quite human. He or she is a form of mutated human hybrid that can only help you when you are in the underworld. But be careful, you never know what these mutated hybrids will do. Very unpredictable and sometimes quite frightening with their looks and their actions. Their mutations have made them very unstable creatures.

What better way to spend a spooktacular time during this Halloween season. Round up your bravest of friends and give the underworld a try.

Alderon is also in need of a new tasty treat. But that won’t be you, will it ?


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