Desert Jewel Portable

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce their latest portable escape room creation, ” Desert Jewel “.

Currently, under development, this room is not yet available for booking but announcements will be made shortly on details of the storyline and projected booking dates.

This room is loosely developed around the story of Disney’s Aladdin and will surely include elements of desert mystery and intrigue.

As with the previous two Time Lapse portable rooms, ” Desert Jewel” will be designed to fit in a 10 foot by 10-foot tent. It will also be a 15-minute escape room adventure to allow for the maximum number of players possible to experience this amazing adventure.

This story will likely be complete with a princess and her passion to find the missing family jewel lost for many years and suddenly appearing to her in a mysterious way. What story would be complete without a possible evil Sultan who must be dealt with in order to secure the jewel?

Wait! Did I just give away too much of the storyline of  ”  Desert Jewel “? No, of course not!  You still don’t know the name of the princess or the reason for her discovery. For this, you must wait until the final details are revealed. Haha !!!

Ok. I just have to tell ya !! Here’s some more. It’s colorful and it has snakes. Snakes ??? Ooh, I hate snakes. Does a desert actually have snakes ??? This one does !!! Maybe… And what else might be lying around for you to find ??? Oh My ……  !!

Do you think this desert might have an oasis ?? Like with water, palm trees reaching for the sky, or something far more wonderful and spectacular ???  Maybe …….

Please stay tuned for future announcements including the complete storyline for this awesome new Time Lapse adventure. ” Desert Jewel ”


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