6 Ways To Help Small Business Survive Covid 19

6 Ways To Help Small Business Survive Covid 19

Covid 19 is worldwide
Covid 19 Effects Us All

The Covid 19 pandemic has and continues to be a major concern for the whole world.

The fear of contracting this virus or even worse spreading it to someone more vulnerable is on everyone’s minds these days. Most are doing their very best to help control the spread but somehow it keeps finding a way.

One huge side effect of Covid 19 is the devastating financial effect it is having on the most vulnerable business sector. The small business owner.

While big-box stores and other large corporations continue to stay open during covid 19, the smaller businesses are struggling. Many closed during the first lockdown and many more will likely close for good during the second.

No one knows what the future will bring, but we are all in this together and we must find ways to help the most vulnerable to survive both physically and financially. The following are some ways to help small businesses survive the Covid 19 challenge.

Buy Local Whenever Possible

Covid 19 Options
Who Do You Support

Our economies of the past were built on supporting the local tradesperson and farmers. Now is a good time to look around at how we can support these individuals in their time of need.

When purchasing groceries or other essential items, think of who you are supporting with each purchase. Large corporations will always find a way to survive. Local providers have limited resources and may not be able to survive covid 19 without your help.

Resist The Urge for The Best Price

The price is often first and foremost in everyone’s mind when shopping for products or services. However, there are often other benefits that are largely overlooked by many when shopping.

One is customer service. Another is the quality of the product. Most small business owners are passionate about both of these qualities and like to build a relationship with all of their customers. They are not always able to offer the best price because of their size. But they can sometimes more than make up for it with their personalized service.

Think Less About Convenience

Covid 19 Changes Thinking
Think About Change

We live in a society where everything is geared towards being fast and convenient. The fast-food chains for example continue to thrive during covid 19 because they offer speed and convenience.

The small restaurant owners still offer pick up and delivery but you may have to wait a bit longer or drive a little further. The quality of their product will often be well worth the wait. Who knows, you may find a new favorite.

Buy Gift Cards From Closed Businesses

Many businesses are currently temporarily closed due to public health orders and doing their part to contain the spread of covid 19. This, however, does not mean you cannot support them while they are temporarily closed.

Consider buying gift cards from your favorite businesses this holiday season. This will help them with the vital cash flow they need today while you treat yourself or loved ones with your favorite product or service once things return to more normal.

Support Your Favorite Businesses On Social Media

Social Media has become a huge factor in the marketing of any business today. Another way you can help while they are temporarily closed is to support them on social media.

This can be done by following them, liking or commenting, and sharing posts. this will help them spread their word to others and make them stronger for when things return to more normal.

Write A Review About Your Favorite Businesses

Covid 19 Support
You Can Make A Difference

If you haven’t done already, consider writing a favorable review of your favorite businesses. This way you can tell other potential new customers what you like about the businesses. This can make a huge difference for your favorite businesses and enable them to rebound stronger once things return to more normal.

There are many places to write reviews but the most common are Google and Trip Advisor.

What You Do Today Can Make A Huge Difference Tomorrow

Yes, what you can do today to help a small business will help them tremendously towards being able to continue providing the quality of product or service they offer today.

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