Cure for the Winter Blues

We must all find a way to get out in the long winter months in order to chase the blues away. What better way than to escape reality at Time Lapse Escape Rooms in one of our popular and immersive escape rooms.

You can choose a back to the future style time-traveling adventure in our ” Trapped In Time ” room. Join the mysterious Dr. Perrin and see what his new time-traveling machine can really do.

You can choose a peculiar dexter style murder mystery adventure in our ” Tick Tock ” room. Become a member of the Time Lapse Police Department and meet the creepy Timothy Tokar. A suspected serial killer that no one has been able to catch. You become a character in this room.

You can choose a deep dark underworld mystical adventure in our ” The Warlock’s Curse” room. Meet Alderon the warlock and one of his many human hybrids he created to scare you and confuse you into releasing him from his curse. Will you be able to return to the light?

You can choose a Klondike gold rush adventure in our ” Gold Rushed ” room. Take a trip back to the late 1800s and see what life was really like in the frantic and feverish goldfields of the Klondike.

You can choose a high adventure James Bond-style spy adventure in our ” Eye of the Spy ” room. Find out what the evil organization known as the Disruptors has been up to. Meet their leader Dr. Schtrovitch and his mysterious henchmen deep inside the jungles of Peru.

A sixth room is in the making and the name and theme have not yet been released. What we can say is that it will be something quite different and of course extremely awesome in the traditional Time Lapse way.

Of all these choices you are sure to find a great escape from the winter blues. So now is the time to get out and enjoy what Time Lapse Escape Rooms has to offer. Let us show you what a real escape experience should be like. An escape from the winter blues and into the Time Lapse world!

Gold Rushed Fever