Why Choose Time Lapse Escape Rooms?

Who Should Play?

Time Lapse is perfect for everyone. There are no special skills needed to have a great time. Bring your friends, family or coworkers and have fun!

For Team Building

Our escape rooms are designed to encourage group participation in a focused environment. It’s the perfect experience for team building or corporate events.

For Special Events

Whatever the celebration, Time Lapse is here to take it to the next level. Book your escape room today or contact us to accommodate a larger group.
Why Choose Time Lapse?
Why Choose Time Lapse?

What makes our escape room different?

We strive to create the most realistic and original escape rooms out there with our off the wall ideas and innovations. From sight to sound and even smells of your chosen environment, we stimulate all your senses for a total immersive entertainment. A combination of theatrical and gaming experiences that will leave you wanting to come back and experience more.

We are a family run business that is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive, rewarding and fun experience for all ages (as long as kids are accompanied with an adult). You and your team will be placed in a room for 60 minutes.

Creative Storytelling and Live Actors

Compete for 1st Place on the Leaderboard

Sensory Clues

Audio Soundtrack and Clues

Special Effects

We also offer ...

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is the only escape room company in Winnipeg to offer both Print and Play Escape Games and Portable Escape Rooms.

Print and Play Escape Games

Escape in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family!

Portable Escape Rooms

Portable escape experiences are perfect for your next party or large function.

What People Say

We had lots of fun in Trapped in Time; loved the hidden surprises and all the puzzles. It was very well done, and the staff were super friendly and helpful. We'll be back to try out the other rooms!
We had an awesome time! Great escape room wirh friendly and helpful staff made the experience fun. Thank you and Happy New Year!
We had a great time! Some of us had never done an escape room before and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Time lapse is among the best escape room facilities in Winnipeg. Challenging, well thought out rooms. Lots of twists and use of interesting technology. We’ve done all of their current offerings and can’t wait for them to create something new!
Did with Warlock's Curse today. Our game master Nick was awesome. Fun puzzles and excellent evening out!
Had a great time and the tick tock room was as challenging as we needed. Staff were excellent and even overlooked us being a little tardy. Would definitely return to this venue to try another room.