Eye of the Spy Opens

Eye Of The Spy Opens

After nearly 2 years since conception ” Eye of the Spy” is finally ready to open its doors.

The official opening date for ” Eye of the Spy ” is set for November 30, 2019. Everyone at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is so excited to welcome all visitors into this awesome new creation.

In the storyline of ” Eye of the Spy ” you will be starting your journey in the remote jungles of Peru near the village of Boca Manu. Your mission is to seek out and destroy a new high tech space weapon and its control center that is threatening the world.

The notorious evil organization known as the Disruptors are responsible for the creation of this weapon and the examples seen of its terrible effects. Their leader, Dr. Schtrovich, has been spotted near Boca Manu and those that have gone before you seeking its location have gone missing. You fear the worst for your colleagues as you venture forth.

Early into your mission, something goes terribly wrong ! You are suddenly captured by one of the Disruptors henchmen and locked in a torture room to suffer your fate.

You awake to realize that you have but a mere 60 minutes to escape and carry out your mission.

Those that came before you seem to have left you some clues. Look very carefully for all that surrounds you. You must escape and disable the space weapon. You must then destroy its control center. This must all be done or the world will never be the same.

A 007 parody at its best. James Bond always gets captured and must escape before saving the world. This is just the way it is.

Will you have an “Eye of the Spy ” and succeed or will you fall victim to the Disruptors and their evil plans. Only time will tell.

There is much new technology and many new gadgets to explore in this awesome room. There are for sure things in this room that you have never seen before. Many customized gadgets and new technologies were adapted specifically for this room. It is just the Time Lapse way.

We look forward to seeing you in ” Eye of the Spy “. Good luck agents of the free world.


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