Gold Rushed Fever

Gold Rushed Fever

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the middle of the chaos in the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800s? With prospectors coming from all over the US and Canada to seek their fortune in gold.  Most lost everything and some even their lives all for the lure of a fortune in gold.

” Gold Rushed “, Time Lapse Escape Rooms fourth escape room experience is set in Ruby’s Lodge located in Dawson City Yukon. A fictional lodge but a real city of the late 1800s. In fact at the time Dawson City was the largest city in Canada west of Winnipeg. Hard to imagine.

Very detail-oriented and accurate room right down to the very unique drink of Dawson City ” The Sour Toe Cocktail “. This drink actually contains a real human toe! Many lost their toes to frostbite in the extreme winter conditions and donated them for use in the drinks. A tradition that actually continues to this day. Hard to believe but true. ( Don’t worry, we did not ask staff to donate body parts for this room. All our toes are fake )

The story of Gold Rushed is all about “Ruby Golden”, the owner of Ruby’s Lodge. A fictional character who you have teamed up with to find the biggest gold nugget ever found in the Yukon. Word spread fast of your discovery and a notorious group of  “claim jumpers ” ( bad guys of the goldfields ) are out to steal your gold.

Ruby has gone missing and you fear the worst. Ruby had hidden your discovery in her lodge for safekeeping. Your goal is to find the gold nugget and escape out of town before the claim jumpers can get to you. They will return in an hour to do to you what they are believed to have done to Ruby. You are rushed to get your gold, hence the name.

All rooms at Time Lapse Escape Rooms are story-oriented. In fact, the story is the very first part of their room development process. The search for interesting and popular themes and then developing props, decor, and finally puzzles to fit the themes.

This is why it takes a lot of time to develop each and every one of Time Lapse Escape Rooms. Our goal is to give you the most immersive and realistic experience and to make sure you have fun.

Come join us in an adventure into the Klondike today!

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