Summer Of Fun

Come one, come all, to the summer of fun carnival! Perhaps you would enjoy one of the acrobatic shows or catch the famous Strong Man lifting 1000 pounds! Surely you cannot miss the lion jumping through the ring of fire! What else would complete your summer of fun?

FAVRA enhances your Summer of Fun
Favra In Control

Wait! There’s a new attraction this year. A mysterious tent has appeared in the corner of the courtyard. Whatever could be inside? Cotton candy stand? Ring toss? Surely there are an infinite number of possibilities that would complete your summer of fun!

       Locked In With FAVRA 

You decide to investigate and find…Favra the Fortune Teller! Mysteriously appearing at this summer of fun carnival, Favra will tell you the answers to the questions you desire…but of course it comes with a price.

Favra has been alone far too long…Too bad it was you who entered that tent. Wanting someone to share her fortunes with, you find that you are now locked in with her for eternity. With the only option being to solve her tricky puzzles to escape, you don’t have much of a choice.

     Add Misfortune To Your Summer Of Fun

Misfortune - Your Summer Of Fun Carnival
Summer Of Fun Carnival

Misfortune is one of Time Lapse Escape Rooms seasonal escape rooms! Come solve some carnival-related puzzles while the scent of cotton candy lingers in the air and Favra keeps a watchful eye over her new “friends”.

Prove that you are worthy of Favra’s fabulous fortunes by completing her tricky tests and trials! Book your time with Favra the fortune teller today! She is waiting for you!