9 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Popular

9 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are Popular

Short History Of Escape Rooms

The very first real escape game emerged in Japan in 2008. the original creator, Takao Kato, was a game creator and avid Magna fan. The original idea came from the wonder of why interesting things never happened in Kato’s life as they did in books. It started with a unique adventure created in a story form and then inviting people to be a part of the story. A truly unique and new form of entertainment had suddenly emerged.

This new form of entertainment quickly caught on throughout Asia and then spread very quickly to Europe and finally arrived in the Americas. The rest is history, but why have escape rooms become so popular?

Take a break from your daily routine

1 – Escape From Daily Routine

Let’s face it, the average person’s life has become very routine and sometimes downright boring. For many years people have enjoyed watching movies and tv shows to escape from their daily routine and the more bizarre and unique the theme, the more popular the show.

Escape Rooms now offer the chance to actually live the life of a character even if it’s only for one hour. It gives them a chance to escape their reality and actually physically become part of another world. How awesome is that?

2 – Role-Playing And Escape Rooms

As just mentioned, Escape Rooms offer you the chance to play the role of a character in whatever theme you choose. Ever since we were small, we have always dreamed about being the superhero who conquers the bad guys and saved the world. Escape Rooms now give you the chance to live that dream and to feel good about being the hero of the day.

Become the popular Superhero of the day
Become the popular Superhero of the day

3 – Love Of Games

For decades, people have loved to play games. From the early days of board games such as monopoly and clue to the more recent advent of video and computer games, games have always been a preferred form of entertainment for many.

Escape Rooms now bring this love of gaming into a multidimensional adventure. Instead of the game just being on a board or computer screen, the game is now all around you. The added elements of sound and sometimes even smells can immerse you even further into the game.

4 – Desire For Curiosity

Human beings have always been curious creatures. Many have tried to look beyond what their eyes can see to find how things work. Curiosity is the mother of invention. Without curiosity, advances in technology would never have happened.

Escape Rooms enable every individual player to experience something new and to exercise their natural curiosity. Escape Rooms give everyone an activity that is not always presented to them in everyday life.

Escape Rooms are popular for Team Building
Escape Rooms are popular for Team Building

5 – Teamwork

Escape Rooms are a group activity, which means the better you can work as a team the better you will do at the game. For those of you who have never been a part of a team before, the experience can be very rewarding and very challenging both at the same time.

Many discover new abilities that they never knew they had before. Many see the hidden talents of co-workers, family members, and friends that they never would have imagined. Developing teamwork is one of the main reasons Escape Rooms have become so popular with corporate and organizational training events.

6- Gain Confidence

Everyone would love to feel good about themselves and others. However, this is something that can get lost in the fast-paced, competitive world we live in today. The emphasis today is placed on individual performance and not everyone can be on the top.

Escape Rooms give everyone in the group the opportunity to shine in their own way. Whether it’s finding something that is hidden very well or solving an obscure or unconventional puzzle, all players bring something to the game that they can be proud of. Escape Rooms can be a great source for building confidence.

Escape Rooms are popular for building confidence
Build your self-confidence and learn how to shine

7 – Anyone Can Play

Many of today’s activities are designed for individuals who are younger, older, are in the best of shape fitness-wise, etc. Many activities are not designed for those without special physical or mental abilities.

Escape Rooms, on the other hand, are a great activity for absolutely anyone. Anyone from ages 8 to 80 or even beyond can participate and have fun in an Escape Room. Many places even offer wheelchair-accessible rooms. Escape Rooms are a great activity for everyone.

8 – No Special Knowledge Needed

One misconception that many new players to escape rooms have is that they are not smart enough to do Escape Rooms. This could not be any farther from the actual truth and here is why.

A properly designed Escape Room will not require you to have any specific knowledge of a particular subject. Generally, everything you need to solve the puzzles will be designed into the room. You will simply need to find and apply all that you see, hear, and sometimes smell.

Yes, you sometimes must use all of your senses to find all of the clues hidden in the room. This has nothing to do with intelligence but a lot more to do with awareness and attention to detail. Just open your mind and have fun.

9 – Good For Bonding

Escape Rooms are designed for groups of between 2 and 10 individuals depending on the room design. Many of the puzzles in escape rooms are designed to be solved by more than one individual.

For example, someone must do something while someone else does something different at the same time in order to solve the puzzle or activity. There may be multiple players needed to solve one puzzle or activity as well.

Because of this group solving ability, it creates a great bond between the individuals who find they are good at working together. They find they have so much to share and talk about later. This is one of the biggest reasons why Escape Rooms have become so popular and even addicting for so many.

Popular and Addicting

Yes, many people are so hooked on Escape Rooms that it has become almost an addiction. In fact, many groups have formed that actually travel around doing different Escape Rooms. They plan their trips based on locations that have the most interesting and challenging looking Escape Rooms to try.

Escape Rooms are a fairly new form of entertainment that is still growing at a phenomenal rate. This is mainly due to all of the above reasons and more for their huge popularity. They are truly an activity that absolutely anyone can participate in. If you haven’t tried one yet, now is the time.


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