Virtual Reality Comes to Time Lapse

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to announce the addition of our new virtual reality escape room experiences.

Initially we are offering 3 – 10 minute escape room vr experiences never seen before in Winnipeg. These are individual game experiences that your group can take turns sharing. Find out who in your group will have the best time and who will look the most ridiculous. Recording and sharing your experience is welcomed.


Geist Manor –  A creepy and terrifying room that will send shivers down your spine. Escape Geist Manor or forever become a permanent zombie resident.

Subject X – Abduction – Feel what it is like to be abducted by aliens. Find your way to freedom before you become a terrifying alien experiment. Please be advised that in this room you must crawl your way to freedom.

Lost Legends – The Pharoah’s Tomb – Sealed in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb, you must find your way to the surface before you perish from an agonizing suffocating death.


Our VR room is booked by the half hour. The rate is $20.00 per half hour time slot including all taxes. We recommend booking one half hour time slot per member of your group if you wish to experience all 3 rooms.

Call 204-487-2262 to book your totally immersive virtual reality escape room experience today.

Life In The Warlock’s Home

  • Life in the underworld has been very difficult for Alderon. In order to try and break his curse he has had to venture to the surface in search of the missing piece to the magical amulet.

Many of his fellow warlocks have perished by the intense light from the surface. Fortunately for Alderon he has discovered a way to temporarily survive the burning light. By consuming human flesh just before dawn he has managed to barely survive.

A few close calls have left him terribly disfigured as the bright light has scorched his fragile flesh. His hideous looks are just a part of the terrible curse that has been cast upon him.

He is really looking forward to inviting you to his home. This way he will no longer have to venture to the surface and risk further trama. ” Humans are wonderful creations and I want to help the special ones who will release me from my curse “.

Will you be one of the lucky ones that Alderon rewards with unimaginable wealth ? Or will you become just another of his many victims lost in the underworld  ?

Book today to determine your fate. If you dare !!!!

The Warlock is Awakening

Alderon is becoming very excited to welcome you to his home in the underworld. He needs you to help him break his curse. But do you have the courage to help him out ?

Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

His offer of unlimited wealth is hard to resist. But is it enough to get you to venture into his world of the unknown ?

“Humans are weak and gullible ! They will believe anything you say if they think they will benefit !” These are Alderon’s words.

Alderon is a very intelligent and evil immortal. One of the last to survive the curse, he is very resourceful and will do absolutely anything to get what he wants.

Work is progressing well on this very unique adventure. The creative team at Time Lapse are promising you something you have never seen before in an Escape Room experience.

Please be patient though as we are being very careful and thorough to make sure your experience will be something to remember.

Stay tuned for further words from Alderon ! He is becoming restless and wants to see you soon !


Trapped In Time – In A Whole Other Way

On Saturday March 11, 2017 history took place in the Trapped In Time escape room.

Arnold Magnayon asked Time Lapse if we could provide the environment for his marriage proposal to the love of his life, Jessica Raymundo. We said yes, we would love to help out.

After weeks of careful planning, the day finally arrived. Jessica and her group entered the Trapped In Time room and the game started. Shortly afterwards Arnold arrived and the staff quietly made the changes for the special ending.

The tension was mounting as Jessica and her group solved puzzle after puzzle. Arnold was pacing as the group got closer and closer to escaping the room. Then came the time for him to take his place.

As she said YES to his proposal the building burst with excitement and cheers. With the added special lighting and a rose petal walkway it was indeed an awesome sight.

It was truly a night to remember for Arnold and Jessica. Also a night to remember for the owners and staff of Time Lapse Escape Rooms. There is no greater compliment on your creation than to be asked to host such a memorable occasion.

On behalf of the owners and staff of Time Lapse Escape Rooms I would like to wish Arnold and Jessica all the best for a long and happy life together.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we strive to make everyone’s visit here a time to remember.

Time Lapse At Winterfest 2017

Time Lapse Escape Rooms built a 15 minute pop up room for AI-KON’s Winterfest 2017.

Lineups were long at Winterfest

Based on the Animee “Attack on Titan” you were locked in a room of an old house where soldiers were fighting off a group of Titans approaching the building. The room was titled ” Titans Approach “. You had a mere 15 minutes to unlock a heavily secured door to a secret passage where you could escape. Failing meant a certain unpleasent death at the hands of the monstrous Titans.

Inside Titans Approach

The room was very well received by most participants. It is estimated that over 300 players enjoyed the adventure during the long one day event. The room had a 40% success rate with the record time being 5:03 left on the clock. Congratulations to all that survived.

Game Master Raymond

The staff and owners of Time Lapse had a blast welcoming all that attended their room. Many were newcomers to escape rooms and were excited to give it a try for the very first time.

You always know that when screams and cheers come from the room that it is a hit. Being the very first pop up room for Time Lapse it presented a great challenge but well worth the effort when you hear players having so much fun.

Titans Approach may never be seen again, but I have a feeling we have not seen the end of the Time Lapse pop up rooms. Where will they show up next ? No one knows for sure. Time Lapse is always full of creative surprises.


The Warlocks Curse Update

Work is progressing well on our newest room, The Warlocks Curse – Evil Unleashed. It is scheduled to be ready for you to experience this coming spring.

This will be Time Lapse Escape Rooms scariest experience – if you desire. With this room there will be optional scare levels when booking, so don’t worry if you are faint of heart. We will adjust the level of scares for what your group wants. We do not want anyone to miss out on experiencing this awesome creation.

Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

Scents will also be used as an immersive element similar to our other rooms. This will be optional when you book as well. What does the deep dark underworld of Alderon smell like ? You will have to experience it for yourself to find out.

Your Game Masters will become human slaves of Alderon for this adventure. They will lead you down into the deep dark underworld of Alderon where you will start your own adventure. Yes, it will be up to you to start your adventure.

Stay tuned for more deep dark details of the Warlocks Curse !!!


Time Lapse Is At Winterfest 2017

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to be a part of the upcoming AI-KON Winterfest 2017 Anime event on February 25, 2017.

We have created a new pop up room, Titans Approach, which takes players on a harrowing adventure into the Anime, Attack on Titan.

Trapped in a house with Titans approaching, you have a mere 15 minutes to unlock the door to a secret passage which will spare your life. Failure means certain death at the hands of these giant flesh eating creatures called Titans. A grim end indeed !

Admission to the room is free of charge with your entry to the event. Bookings are only available at the event the day of. A mere $5.00 per booking is required to hold your spot, which is refundable upon check in.

If you like Anime, come check us out at the RBC Convention Centre February 25, 2017. It’s the only chance you’ll get to experience this room before it gets eaten.


The Great Media Challenge Day Results

Yesterday was a busy and fun day at Time Lapse. The Time Lapse Great Media Challenge Day was a huge success. We would like to thank all participants for being a part of this great community event.

Teams from Virgin Radio, BOB FM, Winnipeg Free Press, CHVN, and a team of Bloggers battled it out for their chosen charities. Their chosen charities were The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, The Dream Factory, Cancer Care Manitoba, Lighthouse Mission and Siloam Mission.

The competition was extremely close with all teams doing a great job in support of their charities. Congratulations goes to Team Winnipeg Free Press who narrowly finished in number one spot. Their chosen charity, Cancer Care Manitoba, will receive the majority of collected funds from the event. The remaining charities will receive equal portions of the remaining amount.

Another part of the event was the Grand Prize Draw for all players of our rooms for the month of January. Also anyone who liked our Facebook page in January received an additional entry to win as well. The Grand Prize Draw winner for a $150.00 Boston Pizza Gift Certificate and a free pass for 6 to our escape room ($120.00 ) has also now been determined. Congratulations to Scarlett Friesen, you are the lucky winner.

Thank you to all that supported Time Lapse in the month of January for this event. You have all helped make a difference in the lives of all who are affected by the chosen charities.


The Great Media Challenge Event

January 31 is going to be a busy day at Time Lapse.

Five local media teams will be facing off to see who the winner will be for their chosen charity. Teams from Virgin Radio, BOB FM, Winnipeg Free Press, CHVM and Team Blogger. Confirmed local charities so far are Cancercare Manitoba, Lighthouse Mission and Siloam Mission. The other two charities are yet to be determined.

Time Lapse would like to thank Bayshore Gifts in Glass, Glitter and Glue Party Boxes, CDC Computers and The Marigold Chinese  Restaurants of Winnipeg for their generous support for this great event.

A special Thank You for Joe Black Coffee Bar and Jamil The DJ for providing refreshments and entertainment for the participating teams.

From all of us at Time Lapse, we thank you for all the support you have given us over the past several months. We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with the best escape room entertainment possible.


The Time Lapse Grand Prize Draw

On January 31, 2017 one lucky winner will be chosen for an Escape Night Out. This will include a free pass to one of our rooms for up to 6 players and a Gift Certificate for $150.00 from Boston Pizza. A total value of $270.00

Anyone booking one of our rooms up till and including January 31 can enter one ballot per player. In addition, any individual that likes our main page on Facebook will get one entry as well.

With the warmer weather upon us, now is the perfect time to book one of our rooms. Not only will you get a chance at our Grand Prize, you will also be helping support local charity. Time Lapse will be donating 10% of all January sales to charity.

On January 31, 2017 the Great Media Challenge event will take place to determine which participating charity will receive most of the collected funds.

Stay tuned for further details about this great event.