Escape Rooms For Families

Escape Rooms For Families

Escape Rooms can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family.

Trying to find a fun way for your family to have time away from everyday life can be quite challenging at times. From your kids’ obsession with their cell phones and video games to the constant bombardment of the latest horror story in the news, life today can be quite stressful and unsettling.

With the ever-increasing popularity of Escape Rooms, many families have discovered the great benefits Escape Rooms can bring o their family. Escape Rooms are a truly unique form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all family members no matter what the age.

What Are Escape Rooms For Families

Escape Rooms For Families
Family Fun Escape Rooms

For those of you not too familiar with Escape Rooms, the following is a brief description of what Escape Rooms are and what you can expect from the experience.

Escape Rooms are basically a form of entertainment where you are placed in an environment totally different from what you have ever experienced before. Think of it as entering a movie set where you can become one of the characters. The sights, the sounds, and sometimes even the smells of your chosen environment will leave you feeling totally immersed.

You are then given up to one hour to achieve a predetermined goal in order to be successful with your experience. Along the way to achieving your goal, you will face many challenges in the form of puzzles and sometimes even some forms of physical activities. All rooms are created to be different and unique and are designed to be challenging and rewarding for all ages.

Escape Rooms For Families are designed to be not too scary in comparison to some other rooms out there. Horror Escape Rooms, for example, are quite popular but I would not recommend them for family groups. If one person gets too scared, it can spoil the experience for everyone.

Escape Rooms For Families are designed to be challenging but not so difficult that it frustrates your experience. A good mix of fun rewarding puzzles and easy physical activities are the perfect choice for the Escape Rooms For Families.

Benefits Of Escape Rooms For Families

Escape Rooms For Families Are Fun
A Fun Family Experience

Escape Rooms can offer many benefits to families. The following are some of the most common benefits most families observe after completing an Escape Room experience.

As an Escape Room takes you away from everyday life and immerses you into its own environment it is like going on a short family vacation. Family vacations are great for getting away from the stresses of everyday life and to relax and find something fun to do as a family. This is one of the many reasons family resort locations have become so popular.

Escape Rooms offer some of the same qualities as family vacations, just for a much shorter period of time. Some families have expressed that family vacations can actually develop stress of their own, especially towards the end when things start getting routine. Perhaps a shorter-term activity done more often would be a better solution for many than a longer-term family vacation.

Another key benefit of Escape Rooms For Families is that they reduce or completely eliminate most common everyday distractions. Before entering an Escape Room players are normally required to lock up all their personal belongings. This includes such things as wallets, keys, purses, and anything else that can be used to cheat and get ahead in the room. This also includes all cell phones, one of life’s major distractions today.

The idea behind this is so that all participants can utilize only what comes from within. no help from Google or any other online encyclopedia allowed.

Because most if not all outside distractions have been eliminated, it forces individual players to communicate with each other. This enables players to work together in a much more productive and creative way. Solutions to problems are worked out together.

More benefits of Escape Rooms For Families

Escape Rooms For Families
A Surprise For All Ages

Another benefit of Escape Rooms For Families is that it encourages each and every player to become actively involved in the experience. Escape Rooms are filled with many things to see and do. It is much easier and far more rewarding for everyone to contribute to the overall goal, whatever that may be.

Some people are good at finding things. Some people are good at solving riddles. Some people are good at working through physical puzzles. All these things are needed but one person is good at them all. This is why everyone must participate in order to achieve the final goal within the allotted time.

Another benefit often overlooked is the quality of time spent together. Escape Rooms are great for creating a quality time experience for the whole family. No distractions, no everyday stresses. Just a focused one hour of fun and entertainment working towards a common goal.

One final benefit of Escape Rooms For Families I would like to discuss is that they bring out everyone’s natural abilities. Escape Rooms are great for identifying the natural skills of each individual player. For families, this can be a huge benefit to bring back to everyday life.

Realizing what a family member is good at can bring a whole new appreciation to the individuals within the family unit. Family members can learn a whole lot about each other in a mere one-hour Escape Room experience. It can be literally quite amazing.

Your Escape Rooms For Families Experience

Escape Rooms For Families
A Multi-Generational Experience

If you have never thought about doing an Escape Room with your family, now is a great time to give it a try. For all of the above reasons and so many more, Escape Rooms can be the answer for a break from your everyday routine.

If looking around at different options for rooms, keep in mind the recommendations above. Try to avoid choosing a room that is marketed as scary or has a horror theme. There are many out there that are focused on the scary elements because they are very popular with young adults.

It is also a good idea to stay away from the most difficult rooms, at least in the beginning. As your family does more and more Escape Rooms, over time you may want to increase the difficulty level in order to feel challenged.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms recommends 2 of its rooms to start with for Escape Rooms For Families. Trapped In Time – a wacky Time Travelling adventure. Click Here for info. Gold Rushed –  a gold-seeking adventure back in the Klondike Gold Rush craze. Click Here for info.

Escape Rooms For Families can include either two-generation, meaning parents and children. Or they can include three generations to include the grandparents as well. Depending on your type of group you may have different considerations. Your main goal should be to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for every individual in your family.

Time for some family fun.