Print And Play Comes To Time Lapse

Print And Play Comes To Time Lapse

A brand new type of game is coming to Time Lapse Escape Rooms! It is called “Print And Play”! Read on to find out how you can enjoy the new Print And Play game at Time Lapse today!

Missing Your Local Travelling Carnival?

carnival print and play game
Carnival – Print And Play from Time Lapse

Have you ever enjoyed the atmosphere and fun of the Travelling Carnival? Unfortunately, most if not all have been canceled this year.

Now thanks to a clever new Print And Play game, designed by the creators of Time Lapse Escape Rooms, you can enjoy many of the popular carnival-style games from the comfort of your home.

Introducing “Carnival”, a new Print And Play escape room style game that you and your family can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Complete with a new wild and wacky storyline that Time Lapse has become known for.

Many that have tested this game have said “It is a whole lot of fun in a totally different way”.

It may be some time before large crowds are allowed to gather again. Take your “Carnival” craving home today and challenge yourself to a whole new entertainment experience.

The Carnival Storyline

Print And Play Carnival
Travelling Carnivals Are Fun

For many years the Bolstoy family has been running the Crazy Carnival of the Azores, a traveling carnival that has been very popular with young families.

The carnival has been doing very well until recently when the creator, Ivan Bolstoy, had become ill and could no longer travel.

A shady businessman, Dimitri Ogivlovsky, convinced Ivan to sell him the carnival. However, he has never been able to recreate the magical lure of the carnival that Ivan once had. They say that there is a magical entity within the carnival itself that lures customers to it.

Dimitri has never paid for the carnival and Iven’s family wants it back. Ivan’s family has employed you and your team to find the magical oblisque that must be trapped within the carnival. They explained that you must release this oblisque to once again allow the carnival to operate as it did.

You will then regain control of the magical lure of the carnival and be able to take it back from Dimitri.

Good Luck Carnival Crew!

How The Print And Play Game Works

The Print And Play game is one that you can play from your own home, in the company of your close family and friends. Or if you would prefer to play on your own, that would be ok too. The recommended group size is from 1 to 3. The game is available on our web site for a total cost of only $20.00

How it works is that once ordered, you will receive an email with a PDF download and a link to a Google Form that will be used to view more content and submit your answers. You will need to print the puzzle pages from the downloadable file ( 7 pages ), which you will then cut out and use as needed.

Preferably you will have access to a color printer (although a black and white printer will do). When you open the downloadable file, you will be asked for a password. Your password is your unique order number.

Your group will start by printing the puzzle pages in the file. Once printed, cut out all necessary pictures, assemble your group and click on the supplied link. Follow the directions and have fun! It’s that simple.

Advantages Of Print And Play Games

Print And Play - You Can
Print And Play Games Are Fun

Print And Play Games Are Fun

Aside from the recent health concerns, which hopefully are temporary, Print And Play games can offer some advantages over traditional Escape Room experiences.

The biggest advantage of Print And Play games is that they can be played from the comfort of your home. No need to arrange for a group to get together outside of your home. Instead of taking yourself to the game, the game will come to you.

The Print And Play style game can become a fun and rewarding activity for a home gathering or special event. It can be a whole lot of fun in a totally different way.

Another big advantage is cost. At a cost of only $20.00 per group, this is far less than arranging an out of the home entertainment experience.

Another advantage is that there is no need to travel to get to the entertainment venue. If you live in a small town a large distance from a traditional escape room the Print And Play game can be ideal for you.

No need to spend money on costly travel and accommodations. Just gather your family and friends and have fun.

Try Your First Print And Play Game Today

Yes, you can try your very first Print And Play game today. No need to wait for the perfect time that everyone can get together. You can play it by yourself or with your close family and friends. No need to wait, you can play it now. Click here to play today!

Don’t get me wrong. Escape Rooms are still my number one choice for immersed and challenging entertainment. However, Print And Play games offer you another fun and challenging entertainment choice.

Happy Print And Play Everyone!