7 Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms

7 Team Building Strengths Of Escape Rooms

The profitability of a business is vital to survival. For many businesses, employees can make or break the bottom line.

We have all seen businesses where the employees look like they are simply going through the motions and seem very bored or disinterested in creating a great experience for their customers or co-workers. Lack of motivation or unity between a group of employees can be very damaging to the company’s image and resulting bottom line.

This is the major reason that so many organizations invest a considerable amount of time and money in team building for their management and staff. A happy and resonating team of workers can add so much value to any organization.

Team building activities can vary greatly, from a simple lunch meeting to an elaborate cruise or business retreat and everything in between. The main focus in all of these activities is to create something away from the work environment where participants can interact in a totally different way.

One of the options that have become very popular over the past several years is Escape Rooms. There are a number of good reasons why Escape Rooms have become the preferred choice for many organizations over other options for team building.

Team Building and Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are a relatively new group activity that takes you away from everyday life and immerse you into their own unique and creatively designed environment. You are generally placed in this environment and given one hour to work through a series of challenges to either succeed or escape. You must work together as a team to be successful and maybe even achieve the best overall time.

Many Escape Room companies have multiple environments available. Each room will immerse you in a totally different environment than any other and sometimes in a totally different way. New challenges can be experienced in each and every room.

Many organizations that book an escape room for team building will book multiple rooms at the same time and divide their employees into the groups that they desire. In this way, they can learn which employees work the best together and utilize this in their everyday work life.

There are a number of distinct strengths that Escape Room activities have over some other activities available for team building.


The overall cost of a team-building event can determine which option an organization will take. From the high-cost extreme of a company retreat or cruise to the lower-cost alternatives such as lunch and an Escape Room or an Escape Room and drinks, you can see what we mean.

An organization can choose to have one big event or multiple smaller events for the same budget. Which would have more benefit to the organization seems obvious.

Improves Communication

Team Building Improves Communication
Team Building Improves Communication

Communication is a vital component of any organization. The way in which employees communicate with each other and customers can be very important to company image.

Escape Rooms can improve communication between participants in a way like no other. For instance, one participant may read something and another may decipher and/or enter a result somewhere else. They must communicate well to achieve the desired outcome.

This will allow them to work on improving their communication skills in a fun and rewarding way.

Motivates Employees

Team Building Motivate Employees
Team Building Motivates Employees

Motivation is something that every employee needs to have a fulfilling and positive work-life. There is nothing worse than having an employee dreading to go to work each day. This is terrible for them and can be even worse for the organization.

Escape Rooms can offer a new form of motivation for each employee. The motivation comes from being placed in an environment with others and given a time limit for completion. This will motivate most individuals to act and participate to succeed in the given task. There is nothing more motivating than having very little time left to complete one last task. A rush to final completion.

Promotes Creativity

Team Building Improves Problem Solving
Team Building Improves Problem Solving

Businesses encounter all kinds of obstacles along the way to profitability. With the ever-changing world, we live in today, with exponentially expanding technology and changing likes and dislikes of consumers, solving problems needs to be more creative all the time.

Escape Rooms offer the opportunity to expand your creativity. By working through challenges and puzzles that you have never had to deal with before, you can exercise your creative talents. A truly rewarding and unique way to become more creative with your day to day work life.

Develops Problem Solving Skills

Opening your mind and allowing your creative juices to flow will speed up the process of problem-solving. This can be a very rewarding skill that an employee will be able to bring to any potential employer.

Escape Rooms can bring a combination of developing one’s creativity and enabling the development of problem-solving into a whole new light. The old “AHA” moment with the cartoon of the light bulb coming on can give your group a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and sometimes even excitement when finally solving a difficult problem.

Brings Boss And Employee Closer

Quite often in the workplace, the boss-employee relationship can become very stressful. With everyone having their own ideas, it is human nature to think you have the right solution and your boss or co-workers do not.

Being placed in an Escape Room experience where the boss and the employee are at the same level can open up the eyes of each individual. This can have the effect of each individual realizing the natural talents of the other. This can give each of them a much better appreciation of the other which they can bring back to the workplace. Working together can be much more beneficial for any organization.

Improves Bonding

Many people work day in and day out closely with a group of individuals. Many times in the work environment daily tasks can become very routine and therefore not very challenging. This can lead to all individuals feeling very bored and sometimes even cranky with other staff members.

By placing these same individuals in an Escape Room together, it can give them that sense of challenge that they so dearly crave. Similar to the boss-employee relationship mentioned above, it can do a similar thing for each person in the co-worker group. It can give them a better realization of the talents of others and increase the bond between each individual.

 In Summary

Because of the seven important team building strengths described above, Escape Rooms can be one of the very best ways to build your team’s coherence and production value within your organization. Also, because of the relatively low cost, Escape Rooms can form a part of your regular team building schedule.

As each Escape Room is created and designed differently, each Escape Room experience will bring a different set of challenges and obstacles in a way that is different from any other. This will effectively give your team members a much wider scope of opportunity for developing their ever-changing team building techniques. This, in turn, will make each team member a much more valuable asset to any organization. Happy Team Building.