7 Ways To Know Which Escape Room Is The Best

7 Ways To Know Which Escape Room Is The Best

Wherever you may come from or travel to there are many escape room adventures to choose from. But how do you know which escape room is the best?

This is a pretty open question as everyone is looking for something different from their escape room experience. Some players are looking for a challenging experience. Others are just looking for a fun time with family and friends away from everyday life.

There are groups that travel around looking for the very best and most challenging and rewarding escape room experience. They can be very critical of all the rooms they play and have high expectations of all their scape room choices. These are called the escape room enthusiasts and they can be a very difficult group for an escape room creator to satisfy.

So how can you tell which escape room is the best for you? Consider the following factors when deciding.

Are You Wanting To Have Fun

Escape Rooms Are Fun
Escape Rooms Are Fun

Escape Rooms are a form of entertainment. At Time Lapse Escape Rooms, we design all our rooms with your entertainment in mind. We want to make sure that whoever plays our rooms, they will come away feeling that they have had a fun and rewarding experience. This is our number one goal.

Sad to say, not all escape rooms that I have done are built the same way. Many escape room developers build their rooms with the challenge in mind before anything else. They take so much pride in the difficulty level that they forget to make them fun.

This shortcoming can result in a great deal of frustration for players that are not as experienced with the escape room form of entertainment. In fact, for some new players, it can even turn them off the whole escape room experience for good.

Are You Wanting To Be Challenged

Escape Rooms Are Challenging
Escape Rooms Are Challenging

All escape rooms have a certain level of challenging activities and puzzles. However, good escape rooms are designed with a certain level of challenge for different types of players. For example, more difficult rooms are designed for more experienced escape room players. Whereas, less difficult rooms are designed for new or less experienced escape room players or youth and children.

When considering your escape room choices, it is best to know where you fit into the range of challenges before you decide. If you are experienced and choose an easier room you can come away unfulfilled and disappointed with the experience. If you are new to escape rooms and choose a more difficult room you can come away frustrated and disappointed in your result.

This is basically the puzzle that you must figure out even before booking your room. However, whatever your choice of difficulty, you should always come away with a fun and entertaining experience. This is how you know which escape room is the best.

Do You Want To Get Away

A properly designed escape room will take you away from everyday life and immerse you into the environment of their creation.

One way to measure which escape room is the best is how immersed you feel in the experience. A good level of immersion will play on many of your senses. the look of the room, the sound of the room, and sometimes even the smell of the room can all add to the level of immersion. At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we offer the option of scents in the room, which increases the level of immersion.

Another thing that can break the immersion in an escape room is if the Game Master has to enter the room for any reason. This can sometimes happen if something malfunctions or otherwise interrupts the flow of the game. A good escape room will always offer some form of compensation if this should happen during your game.

How Do You Want To Get Hints

Getting hints as you progress through an escape room is a part of the game. It is not very often that a group can complete an escape room without receiving any hints at all. If you do, it means that the room has likely been developed to be too easy.

The method that the game masters offer hints is one of the factors that can tell you which escape room is the best. Ideally, the delivery of a hint should be asked for and delivered in a way that disturbs the immersion of the room as little as possible.

There are many ways to deliver hints from knocking on the door and slipping a note underneath to the more high tech way of typing a customized hint on a screen with an alert tone that sounds. I have also seen walkie talkies where you actually talk to the game master. There are also rooms that offer automated hints by pushing a button etc.

Personally, I think the best and least disturbing to the game is the customized hint on a screen version. The advantages of this system are that your hint is always there to see and the hint can be customized based on what your game master is hearing. This is a more personal and less disturbing approach.

How Do you Feel About The Story

All Escape Rooms Have Stories
All Escape rooms Have Stories

All escape rooms are built around a particular story. Some escape rooms have a very basic story while others offer a much more detailed and in-depth description of the environment and gameplay etc.

One could compare the escape room storyline to the movie trailer of the latest blockbuster. This is where people first see what the room is about and if the story is interesting to them.

When you are looking for which escape room is the best for you, you will probably want to start with the storyline. It is highly unlikely that you will enjoy a room as much if you don’t get interested in the story itself. Some stories seem exciting while others seem quite boring. The choice is yours.

How Do You Feel About An Actor In The Room

Yes, many escape rooms offer an actor in the room to help immerse you into the story even further. Usually, the actor is also the game master who will be helping you throughout the game. The actor can be a part of the intro and the first part of the game and depart shortly after, or sometimes appear suddenly in the more scary rooms to offer some excitement.

The use of an actor in the room can certainly add a level of excitement and unpredictability to any room. Actors can be a bit distracting if they appear during gameplay, however, this is quite a popular option for many seasoned escape room players.

Choosing an escape room that has an actor in the room is certainly a way to make the experience more memorable. It can also make the experience much more personal.

Last But Not Least Its About Time

It can be very important for the players to know where in the game they are at any particular time. This way players can plan their strategy based on how much time they have left.

For instance, players may want to ask for a hint if they feel they are behind in the game and need a little help. Or the opposite could be true, where they are ahead of schedule and can relax more and enjoy the environment. Both are good reasons to know exactly where you are in the game.

The way that time is displayed can vary from room to room. Many rooms have a count down timer on the same screen as they receive hints. Others have a clue about the remaining time in a room soundtrack or displayed on another device within the room. All are good ways as long as they make it clear to all players how much time is left.

What Is Important To You

Which Escape Room Is The Best
Which Escape Room Is The Best For You

So how do you know which escape room is the best for you? Choose which of the above factors are the most important reasons for you to visit an escape room. Everyone will have a little different reason for booking an escape room experience.

In your mind, which escape room is the best, will be based on which of the above factors are the most important to you. It’s now time to book your best escape room experience ever. Have Fun!!!