Gold Rushed


**2 Players are allowed with a minimum booking cost of $75.00!**

– As of November 1, 2023 our prices are increasing to $28.00 per player. 2-3 players are allowed with the minimum booking cost of $112.00 – 

Find the Gold.. and Get Out Quick!

The year is 1899.

You and your friend Ruby are the most ruthless and adventurous gold hunters the world has ever known! Gold hunting together, expedition after expedition. You were very successful in your findings and recently have discovered the largest gold nugget ever to be found in the Klondike!
Unfortunately being the best of the best received a lot of unwanted attention. Having heard you are in the area, a group of notorious and dangerous claim jumpers have come to town. It is known that they will stop at nothing to get what they want and they want your gold.
To keep the gold nugget safe, you have entrusted your friend Ruby to hide it in her lodge from everyone. You must warn Ruby that they are coming but discover that she has mysteriously gone missing.
Fearing the worst, you must go to her lodge as you feel the nugget is hidden somewhere inside. She told no one where she hid it, not even you.
You rush to enter her lodge to begin your search but you are met by the roughest claim jumper around. Will you mysteriously go missing like Ruby did? Or can you find the golden nugget?