Winnipeg’s Newest Escape Room

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is Winnipeg’s newest live escape room adventure. Time Lapse is a family run business and is dedicated to creating the most unique and immersive experiences possible. From sight to sounds to even smells of your chosen environment, Time Lapse aims to make your live game room challenge one unforgettable experience.

The first rule at Time Lapse is for everyone to ” Have Fun ” ! Whether or not you succeed at escaping or solving the scenario, we want you to come away with a good memory of fun times with your family, friends, and/or co-workers.

Time Lapse currently has two game room scenarios to choose from with one more in the development stage.

The first is a time traveling adventure called Trapped In Time where you are all university students taking part in a time traveling experiment with a crazy old professor named Professor Perrin. Suddenly something goes terribly wrong and you find yourself alone in a strange place in time. Your goal is to discover where and when you are in order to navigate your way back home.

The second room is a murder mystery adventure called Tick Tock where you are all police detectives with the Time Lapse Police Department. For this room each player is given an individual identity to play during the scenario. Your main suspect is Timothy Tokar, an elusive and intelligent clock shop owner. You start your adventure in his clock shop where he may be hiding. Your goal is to solve the murder of Detective Brady’s son.

The third room scenario is being developed and will be announced soon. It will be a mythical and magical journey you will be sure to enjoy.




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