Hello Escapee’s

Hello Escape Room World!

Puzzles have always been something that I’ve been good at. I love the challenge, I like using my brain.

My first encounter with escape rooms was actually in Vancouver BC, at the escape room called I-Exit. I went with my brother and his girlfriend at the time and of course unknowingly we picked the hardest room.

To say the least we didn’t escape… or even get close to escaping. But I knew that after that experience I needed to do more and I felt like I was addicted after the first time.In that first escape room I remember it was a zombie themed lab room with zombie bodies lying around a dark room. After that escape room experience I thought that all other escape rooms would be similar, all being dark and creepy. Little did I know, there were tons of different themes and endless creative possibilities, until I came back to Winnipeg to find out and explore all the options in my own city. I didn’t end up trying out any escape rooms until probably about 6 or 7 months after my first experience due to my busy hectic life at the time, but after I tried a couple out in Winnipeg I wanted to create my own escape room and create puzzles and start up my own business. I took my family to their first escape room and they fell in love with it the same way I did. That’s why we are all in it together as a family business because we all enjoy puzzles and we all love to add a little bit of challenge to our lives.

People ask me what I love about escape rooms and what makes me want to go through with starting a business. It’s quite simple actually. For me, going to escape rooms is different than any other type of entertainment that you do with a group of friends or family. To me it’s like you get to escape out of the real world for an hour and let all these crazy brain benders and puzzles take over your mind and before you know it, that was the fastest hour of your life. It takes you out of your own life, your own stress and makes you so focused on the task at hand no matter if you’re good at puzzles or not. You’re always thinking of ways to solve and how to interpret everything. The reason that I wanted to start up a business of my own was because every escape room I went to I could see things that I would’ve done differently if I was the owner. I saw ways that could make everyone’s experiences more like real life and more immersive.

So now here we are, opening Time Lapse Escape Rooms. It’s been a crazy process with so many unexpected things popping up and going wrong but the process has been so much fun and we’re constantly learning new things about escape rooms in general and the business aspect as well.
This is the start of our next chapter and our new adventure. I hope you join us on this journey.