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An Escape Room is a live action experience that places you and a group of your close friends or co-workers into an immersive environment. You are given a specific time to complete a pre defined goal by solving puzzles and mysteries. It forces you to work closely with members of your group to combine your efforts towards solving the common goal. Escape Rooms are an excellent way to promote employee bonding and team building.

Not to mention, Escape Rooms are a lot of fun. Your holiday party needs to be a lot of fun. Many companies visit an escape room before their dinner and party time. This gives the employees many common areas for discussion and kidding around. A great way to break the ice and talk about something other than work.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is the newest escape room to enter the Winnipeg area. They offer one of the most immersive escape room options in the city that will utilize many senses. From sight to sound to even smells of your chosen environment they will take you away from the real world and immerse you into their own creations.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms welcomes you to give them a try for your 2016 Holiday Party. It is an experience you will not forget and may be talking about for a long time to come.