Time Lapse Makes Scents

Escape Rooms are a fun and rewarding way to enjoy a special occasion or an evening out. You are taken away from your everyday world and immersed in your theme of choice for an hour long adventure. A real escape experience.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we take your experience very seriously. We believe your experience should be as realistic and immersive as possible. That is why we consider all of your senses, including smell, for a total escape room experience.

We are the only Escape Room that we are aware of that offers the option of adding scents to your experience. The scents that we use are custom designed to the theme you will be enjoying. What better way to add to the feeling that you are where we want you to be. Immersed.

You can add the scents option when you are booking on line or you can ask for scents to be added when you are making your booking by phone. Upon your arrival we will always double check to make sure no one in your group has allergies or sensitivities to fragrance before adding them to your experience.

Scents are another great reason to choose Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next escape room adventure.  It makes a whole lot of scents.


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