Holiday Party Fun

Escape Rooms are a great activity to include for your next holiday party. Not only are they a lot of fun but they help with team building and getting to know your co workers and friends better.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms offers a number of options for your next holiday party. Our 4 on site escape rooms can hold up  to 32 players at a time. Do the rooms then venture out to one of the many local restaurants in the area. Or better yet, bring in your own food and rent out our party room and/or front lobby for the whole afternoon or  evening as well.

For another option, check out one of our existing portable escape rooms. For this option we will come to you. Have your employees or guests take turns doing our 15 to 30 minute on site escape experience. A great addition to an already booked facility.

For the portable option we will provide a dedicated game master to run the game for the whole day or evening. We transport, set up and take down all for one reasonable cost. Our portables require 10 feet by 10 feet of floor space for the room plus a bit more for the entrance etc.

Check out Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next holiday party fun. Visit our web site at or give us a call at 204 487-2262 today.

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