The Warlock’s Curse – A Halloween Treat

The Warlock’s Curse room at Time Lapse Escape Rooms opened in October 2017 and has been entertaining and thrilling players ever since.

This Halloween take an adventure into the deep dark underworld of Alderon the warlock. A dark and creepy room where absolutely anything can happen. Where your Game Master is not quite human – A human hybrid in fact. So beware ! Alderon and his evils could appear anywhere and at any time.

You will not find any traditional padlocks in this room. The solving of each puzzle will create a surprising outcome within the room itself.

Round up your most adventurous friends and prepare to take on the evils in Alderon’s world of the dark . Will the future of humankind survive or will the world be plunged into eternal darkness ?  Only you can determine that fate.

See you in the underworld  !!!!


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