Time Lapse Takes To The Air

For the last couple of weeks Time Lapse Escape Rooms has taken to the air waves to promote their entry into the Winnipeg market.

BOB FM and Virgin Radio are airing ad spots to make listeners aware of the newest escape room to enter the area. ” GET OUT !!! That is if you can !!! ” is a very catchy intro to the ad and will be sure to help make listeners aware of Time Lapse Escape Rooms. Listen to Virgin Radio or BOB FM to check it out.

Time Lapse is also a proud sponsor of BOB FM’s KAROLOKE holiday promotion. Listen to BOB FM for a chance to win a $50.00 Gift Certificate for Time Lapse Escape Rooms. Be a winner !! That is if you can !!

This is only the beginning for the Time Lapse getting the word out campaign. Stay tuned for an announcement soon to be made for the upcoming January charity event. You really won’t want to miss this one.


Inside Escape Rooms