Inside Escape Rooms

Many people are unaware of what an escape room actually is. Escape Rooms are catching on throughout the world at an incredible rate. The reason seems obvious, they are challenging and offer a totally different form of entertainment.

They force people to get away from their technology for an hour and work together with their group to solve a common goal. They immerse you in your chosen environment in their so called virtual reality. Contrary to what many people think, they are good for all ages.

Time Lapse sent 3 of it’s owners to the Escape Room Conference in Chicago last August to get an inside view of the industry. One of the owners had this to say about their experience.

“The industry is growing at an incredible rate. More and more people are becoming interested in opening an escape room every day. Canada is at the early stages of development.”

“Industry focus is on educating people about what escape rooms are. The more people learn about escape rooms, the more excited and even more addicted they become.”

“Total immersion in the story and environment is what people want. The industry is moving away from simple locks and boxes and more into technology based puzzles and special effects.”

At Time Lapse we are always looking for new and creative ways to entertain and challenge our guests. Our love for escape rooms is what drives us to do our very best when developing new rooms for you to enjoy.

We are excited to soon be announcing the name and story line for our third creation planned to be open for next spring. We will be incorporating more technology and fewer locks and boxes than before. It will be sure to entertain and challenge even the most experienced gamers in Winnipeg.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.




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