Announcing the Newest Time Lapse Creation

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to announce their newest creation.


The Warlock’s Curse – Evil Unleashed

Cursed for a millennium and banished to the underworld, Alderon is a ruthless and evil warlock who surfaces from time to time to roam the streets of our city looking for the key to unlock his curse. His only way to survive above ground is to consume human flesh.

After decades of searching he finds the missing piece to a magical amulet which he hopes could be the key to breaking his curse, but to no avail.

With an offer you cannot refuse, you are approached by one of his human slaves. The promise of riches beyond your wildest dreams could be yours if you simply take this piece of the amulet and join it together with the last remaining missing piece.

You journey down a narrow tunnel which becomes darker and darker until all you can see is the faint glow of the amulet piece you are holding. Suddenly you hear a loud noise and you realize ….. there’s no way out.

The human slave has disappeared. Where are you? Are you trapped? What do you do now?

Opening Spring 2017

You will be taken into the deep dark underworld of Alderon where you will begin your adventure. This promises to be a magical and mystical journey with many surprises along the way that you will be sure to enjoy.

Stay tuned for further announcements !!


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