Life In The Warlock’s Home

  • Life in the underworld has been very difficult for Alderon. In order to try and break his curse he has had to venture to the surface in search of the missing piece to the magical amulet.

Many of his fellow warlocks have perished by the intense light from the surface. Fortunately for Alderon he has discovered a way to temporarily survive the burning light. By consuming human flesh just before dawn he has managed to barely survive.

A few close calls have left him terribly disfigured as the bright light has scorched his fragile flesh. His hideous looks are just a part of the terrible curse that has been cast upon him.

He is really looking forward to inviting you to his home. This way he will no longer have to venture to the surface and risk further trama. ” Humans are wonderful creations and I want to help the special ones who will release me from my curse “.

Will you be one of the lucky ones that Alderon rewards with unimaginable wealth ? Or will you become just another of his many victims lost in the underworld  ?

Book today to determine your fate. If you dare !!!!