Gold Rushed Opening Soon

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce the opening of their newest creation, ” Gold Rushed ” . The room will be available for booking starting July 16, 2018.

Set in the latter part of the Klondike Gold Rush era of the late 1800’s, you will be taken back in time and immersed in the remote northern boom town of Dawson City Yukon. Life in the Klondike was harsh and brutal where many hopeful prospectors perished in search of their dreams of wealth.

The few that became extremely wealthy, had to constantly protect their findings from ruthless claim jumpers.  Your goal in this room is to secure your group’s large golden nugget before the claim jumpers find it and escape to freedom. Your partner Ruby, who owns the Gold Dust Lodge, has been killed trying to safeguard the nugget. She has hidden the nugget somewhere in her lodge and has given you clues to find it and escape.

Good luck prospectors. Hurry, you must find your hidden nugget and escape to freedom before the claim jumpers return to finish you off.

This room is designed to be family  friendly and good for all ages. Group sizes of between minimum of 4 and maximum of 8.