The Warlock is Awakening

Alderon is becoming very excited to welcome you to his home in the underworld. He needs you to help him break his curse. But do you have the courage to help him out ?

Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

His offer of unlimited wealth is hard to resist. But is it enough to get you to venture into his world of the unknown ?

“Humans are weak and gullible ! They will believe anything you say if they think they will benefit !” These are Alderon’s words.

Alderon is a very intelligent and evil immortal. One of the last to survive the curse, he is very resourceful and will do absolutely anything to get what he wants.

Work is progressing well on this very unique adventure. The creative team at Time Lapse are promising you something you have never seen before in an Escape Room experience.

Please be patient though as we are being very careful and thorough to make sure your experience will be something to remember.

Stay tuned for further words from Alderon ! He is becoming restless and wants to see you soon !