Hot For The Summer at Time Lapse

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce it’s participation in the Hot For The Summer radio campaign at Winnipeg’s HOT 100.5

Look for the HOT 100.5 booth at all major events for the month of July for your chance to win a hot night out at Time Lapse Escape Rooms with 2 of HOT 100.5’s radio personalities.

The Time Lapse Escape Rooms ” Hot Night Out” will be held on July 31 with the winner’s choice of 4 escape themes. Choose from a Time Travelling adventure with the crazy Professor Perrin, a Murder Mystery with the Time Lapse Police Department, a deep dark underworld adventure with Alderon the warlock or cool off with the claim jumpers in the  new Gold Rushed adventure in Canada’s remote north.

It is certain to be a memorable night out that everyone at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to present.