Gold Rushed – Uncovered

The owners of Time Lapse Escape Rooms have brought their love of Dawson City Yukon to life in their new room Gold Rushed !

Having all traveled to Dawson City a number of years ago, they were amazed at the effect the lure of wealth had on people during the Klondike Gold Rush. The hardship that adventurers endured just to get there and then the back breaking work to eke out a few flakes of gold.

In the land of the midnight sun, where the sunset is at 3am and sunrise at 5 am during the warm summer months, meant plenty of time for prospectors to work their claims. The opposite effect in the long cold winter months with barely any daylight hours at all meant great hardship for those who could not afford to return home.

The setting of Gold Rushed is in the Gold Dust Lodge, an accurate recreation of a remote watering hole (not the real name), where prospectors spent many of their darkest hours. You will see the infamous local drink, the sour toe cocktail, that actually contains a real human toe from those who lost them due to frostbite. A tradition that continues to this day.

Come take a step back in time and travel to the remote Canadian north to experience life in the Klondike Gold Rush era. Fun Fact – Dawson City Yukon was the largest Canadian city west of Winnipeg during the Klondike Gold Rush.