First Escape Room Ever

Many players to our rooms ask where escape rooms started. Generally we say they started in Asia and then moved quickly to Europe then to the US.

But where exactly was the very first escape room created?

It seems that the very first room was created in Japan in 2007. It’s creator transformed the concept of the escape room video game that became popular after its introduction in 2004. The idea was to give players the opportunity of becoming much more immersed than in the video game.

The idea quickly spread across the rest of Asia before arriving in Europe. Budapest Hungary was the pioneering city in Europe with the very first room opening there in 2011.

The first escape room to open in the United States was in 2012 and in Canada the first room opened in 2013.

There you have it. The very brief history of the escape room industry.

It’s no wonder why escape rooms have caught on so quickly. Where else can you escape your everyday life and be transported into a challenging and exciting experience without any risk of physical danger? Then be safe and sound back home for dinner in about an hour.

Where and when will your next escape room adventure take you ? In the world of escape rooms, anything is possible. Have Fun !!!


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