Escape Rooms – A Global Experience

Escape Rooms are a global activity ! What this means is that wherever you travel or visit you will likely find an escape room company or two willing to entertain you.

New experiences and adventures await wherever you go. Many the city have unique creations, sometimes focusing on their particular locations.

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have hosted players from all over the world! Many have traveled here for business. Many have come for sporting events or concerts. Many have come to visit friends or relatives. Others have come to explore what Manitoba and Winnipeg have to offer. We have even seen travelers that base their travels on experiencing particular escape rooms!

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we have always welcomed everyone to post a pin on our large world map just inside our front door.

Where in the world have you come from ? Whether you are visiting Winnipeg or have settled here from somewhere else feel free to proudly post your pin on your next visit. When you step back and take a look at the map it is quite amazing to see how much diversity there is in the world.

From Steinbach to Istanbul, from Brandon to Rome, you are all welcome to call Time Lapse your home. At least for the short time you are with us. Happy and safe travels everyone !!!


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