Escape Rooms – Are You Really Locked In ?

Many newcomers to escape rooms are a bit uneasy about the idea of being locked in a room for an hour. I must say that is a terrifying thought that probably would keep many people from ever trying an escape room.

Relax, I have good news. At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we do not lock you in any of our rooms. You are always free to leave through the door you came in if panic sets in or if nature calls. In fact none of the escape rooms that I have ever done in Manitoba actually lock you in.

I have done rooms in other places that do lock you in, however, there has always been a key to get out within easy reach. This is probably a good thing to check out before booking a room elsewhere. If you go travelling and feel uneasy about the thought of actually being locked in a room find out first.

Many story lines of escape rooms do try to make you believe that you’re locked in. But it is only for telling the story and simulating a dire situation. Somewhat like big screen movies, escape rooms try to immerse you into the story and environment you are about to experience. I like to call it Hollywood magic.

If you are new to the idea of trying an escape room but were too afraid to try, you can rest assure that they are a very safe activity. The most physically dangerous thing that I could imagine happening is maybe slipping or tripping over something or someone. That’s it.

So put down your worries about being trapped. Put down your worries of getting hurt. Relax and enjoy the escape room experience that has been carefully designed to be your entertaining and magical experience. A truly unforgettable experience for many.


Happy Holiday Fun