Spellbound – Halloween One Room Adventure!


Halloween Seasonal One Room Adventure!

On Halloween you and your group of Trick or Treaters are making the usual rounds when you hear that the new owner of a mysterious house down the street is giving away the best candy ever!

Word has it that she may be a witch, but is it true? When knocking on the door you see a sign. It says ENTER TO RECEIVE YOUR TREAT!

Upon entering you are in a dimly lit room full of strange looking things and suddenly the door slams shut and locks you in. A loud cackling voice is heard saying you are put under a confinement, soul extracting spell and must break it within 45 minutes to see the outside world again or else your souls are hers.

You shudder as you realize that the rumours are true! You must find the way to break the spell you are under in order to see another day! Good luck trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween!