AMAZONIA – A Seasonal Jungle Adventure *OPENING MARCH 18, 2023*


**2 Players are allowed with a minimum booking cost of $60.00!**

OPENING MARCH 18, 2023! 

Amazonia is back! This is our one room 45 minute jungle adventure that is fun for all ages!


A Jungle Adventure

On an adventure deep in the rain forest of the amazon jungle, you and your group of travellers are in search of the long lost civilization of the Tibutu. Suddenly, the ground gives way and you find yourself in a deep crevice in the rain forest floor.

In the middle of this crevice is a gigantic tree and a cave with an ancient looking door. Seems it must be a trap set by the ancient civilization. You have heard that they keep visitors away by making them do a challenge before allowing them to enter their land.

The dense musty air in this crevice seems to be making you sleepy. The oxygen level seems to be dropping. You estimate you have approx. 45 minutes until the air will overcome you. You must escape this trap in order to continue your search and eventually return home.

Good Luck Adventurers