Enchanted Forest


On a hike in the woods, you and your group have wandered off the main trail and now find yourselves lost.

Moving forward to find your way back to the trail, you feel pulled towards a strange light coming from a mystical looking area of the forest. Arriving at the light you become terribly disoriented and cannot see a way out – it all looks the same.

Looking around you see an eerie looking orb that seems to be trapped in a strange looking structure. A small fairy has been trying to release her magical orb to regain her power but to no avail. With the limited power she has left she has drawn you here for your help.

You must release the fairly’s magical orb into the forest before you will be released from this trap.

You have a mere 15 minutes until the effect of  the intoxicating forest renders you unconscious and absorbs you to never be seen again.

Good Luck Hikers.