The Warlocks Curse Update

Work is progressing well on our newest room, The Warlocks Curse – Evil Unleashed. It is scheduled to be ready for you to experience this coming spring.

This will be Time Lapse Escape Rooms scariest experience – if you desire. With this room there will be optional scare levels when booking, so don’t worry if you are faint of heart. We will adjust the level of scares for what your group wants. We do not want anyone to miss out on experiencing this awesome creation.

Winnipeg Escape Room - The Warlock's Curse

Scents will also be used as an immersive element similar to our other rooms. This will be optional when you book as well. What does the deep dark underworld of Alderon smell like ? You will have to experience it for yourself to find out.

Your Game Masters will become human slaves of Alderon for this adventure. They will lead you down into the deep dark underworld of Alderon where you will start your own adventure. Yes, it will be up to you to start your adventure.

Stay tuned for more deep dark details of the Warlocks Curse !!!