Time Lapse At Winterfest 2017

Time Lapse Escape Rooms built a 15 minute pop up room for AI-KON’s Winterfest 2017.

Lineups were long at Winterfest

Based on the Animee “Attack on Titan” you were locked in a room of an old house where soldiers were fighting off a group of Titans approaching the building. The room was titled ” Titans Approach “. You had a mere 15 minutes to unlock a heavily secured door to a secret passage where you could escape. Failing meant a certain unpleasent death at the hands of the monstrous Titans.

Inside Titans Approach

The room was very well received by most participants. It is estimated that over 300 players enjoyed the adventure during the long one day event. The room had a 40% success rate with the record time being 5:03 left on the clock. Congratulations to all that survived.

Game Master Raymond

The staff and owners of Time Lapse had a blast welcoming all that attended their room. Many were newcomers to escape rooms and were excited to give it a try for the very first time.

You always know that when screams and cheers come from the room that it is a hit. Being the very first pop up room for Time Lapse it presented a great challenge but well worth the effort when you hear players having so much fun.

Titans Approach may never be seen again, but I have a feeling we have not seen the end of the Time Lapse pop up rooms. Where will they show up next ? No one knows for sure. Time Lapse is always full of creative surprises.


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