Time Travelling Story

Time Lapse Escape Rooms flagship room is the ever popular ” Trapped In Time “, a time travelling adventure.

The background of the story begins with an old man telling stories about the boundaries of physics allowing for the possibility of travelling in time as an everyday part of life.

Imagine going back to a time in history instead of going to the beach ? Imagine being a witness to past events that are only told in history texts ? Imagine travelling to the future and witnessing events that have not yet happened  ? According to the old man, this is all possible with technology that will allow travelling in time.

Your personal time travelling story now begins.

The old man above, Professor Perrin, is actually a retired  quantum physics professor from your local university. He has claimed to have invented a time travelling device.

Thinking that he is just telling a story, you agree to go to his lab in an old warehouse to check out what he’s got. You soon realize that he has actually built something that looks and sounds very strange. Is it actually a time travelling device as he claims ?

Suddenly, he flips a switch and everything goes black. Your body feels like it is being pulled in every direction. You awake in a dimly lit room.

Where are you ? When are you ? Where is Professor Perrin ? Your time travelling adventure has begun !!!

Where will you end up ? When will you end up ? Will you be able to get back home to the present day ? Will you ever see Professor Perrin again ? Will he be able to help you get home ?

These questions and many more are answered as you take your very own time travelling adventure with Time Lapse Escape Rooms and their flagship room Trapped In Time.

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