Time Lapse Spells Fun For All

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms their main goal is to ensure that each and every player has a fun time.

No matter whether you succeed at escaping or solving the room, they want you to have fun. All of their rooms are designed with that main goal in mind.

From the welcoming staff at reception to the enthusiastic game masters that run your games, they want you to know that you are the reason they are there.

Designed with theatrical intros to each room and built in surprises and special effects along the way, there is a lot more than mere puzzles that set their rooms apart from others.

F – Finding clues and Figuring out solutions to puzzles with Family and          Friends.

U – Understanding the Unique story lines and Uncovering ways to move forward in the rooms.

N – New ways of thinking are discovered in every New room that you have Never seen before.

As you can see, FUN is built into everything at Time Lapse, even this blog post. Can you find the secret three digit code in the above lines of this post ?

At Time Lapse, Fun is number one.