Time Lapse Offers Unique Creations

At Time Lapse Escape Rooms we pride ourselves on developing unique never seen before experiences.

Time Lapse is owned, operated and fully developed by a local Winnipeg family. Created from the love of doing escape rooms, it truly shows that a lot of work and passion goes into each and every component of all their creations.

The creative process begins with the development of a unique story line complete with characters. This story line is used to develop unique and quite often bizarre looking puzzles and props. The puzzle flow is carefully crafted to ensure all players are engaged at all times.

Profits have always been a secondary goal at Time Lapse. Their belief is that if you build a unique, quality product and offer exceptional customer service only good things can happen.

The Escape Room business is all about entertainment and offering a fun, rewarding and challenging experience to each and every player.

If you are looking for something unique and fun to do, then you must give Time Lapse a try.