Local Family Run Fun

Local Family Run Fun

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is a local Winnipeg business run by a local Winnipeg family. As lifelong residents of Winnipeg, the Lyons family has been creating fun and challenging escape rooms for you all to enjoy for the past three years.

They have become well known for their very unique and creative ideas as well as sometimes off the wall storylines. It is guaranteed that you will never see any of their creations anywhere else ( unless someone else has copied them of course ).

All puzzles, props, and room decor ideas are completely developed in house. They always keep an eye on new and emerging technologies to help provide the most entertaining and mind-blowing experience.

Time Lapse Escape Rooms currently runs four permanent escape room experiences at their King Edward location ” Trapped In Time, Tick Tock, The Warlock’s Curse and Gold Rushed “.   They also operate two portable escape room experiences ” Kingdom Of Chaos and Enchanted Forest ” designed to be set up almost anywhere for large group functions.

Right now they are working on their fifth permanent escape room experience, “Eye Of The Spy”. This room will also be located at their King Edward location and promises to live up to their tradition of being completely unique and entertaining.  Apparently many new twists and turns and another off the wall storyline as well.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding escape room experience, you will want to try Time Lapse Escape Rooms for your next outing. It is always nice to know that you will be supporting a local Winnipeg family as well.


Tick Tock – Uncovered