Introducing Eye Of The Spy

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is proud to announce the name and theme of their newest escape room experience ” Eye OF The Spy “, a thrilling spy adventure.

Based loosely around the most popular spy themed movies and shows, it promises to be an action packed hour of adventure for all players. The room is being designed with all age groups in mind. It will not be a scary adventure but it will be one with many new twists and turns never seen before.

A brief synopsis of the story line is being developed and here is what we have so far. Please note this could change many times before a final version is decided upon.

*** The leader of an evil organization known as “The Disruptors” , “Dr. Schtrovitz” , has been sighted in the remote jungles of Peru near the village of Boca Manu. “The Disruptors” are believed to be responsible for a devastating natural disaster near the South Pole. Your task is to find and destroy their secret compound and escape to safety before they are able to do more damage to the world as we know it.  Hurry  Agents , you haven’t much time.***

As with all Time Lapse creations, eye of the spy will be full of unique and carefully crafted puzzles and props designed to entertain. In addition, there could be theatrical elements introduced where your Game Master will play a role in the immersion of your experience. As you may already know and have experienced, we love adding the element of the unexpected to all of our rooms.

As this room is currently in the development stage, an exact opening date has not yet been determined. As you know, we never rush the development of any of our rooms. We want to make sure everything is done as authentically and accurately as possible to ensure the best possible entertainment experience.

Stay tuned for more details as the room develops. We promise you , it will be well worth the wait.


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