Time Lapse Number One Goal

Our Number One Goal at Time Lapse Escape Rooms is to ensure everyone has a fun and rewarding experience.

At Time Lapse we see a lot of new players each and every day.  Our goal has always been to ensure each player, whether experienced or not, comes away with a positive new experience.

Some newcomers have told us that they are now hooked  on escape rooms and will come back to play again. Even some experienced players have told us that Time Lapse is the Best Escape Room in Winnipeg  that they have done. Both are very good signs that we are doing our job and fulfilling our number one goal.

Most new players come away with a very positive experience. Many say that it was totally different than what they expected in a very positive way. Many newcomers say that it was harder than they thought and that they enjoyed that it was. Overcoming a challenge always gives a player a very positive feeling.

Many new players have said that they enjoyed the stories and being immersed into the stories as either a character or a group of characters placed in a harrowing situation. Basically, an escape from everyday life.

At Time Lapse we have always been dedicated to providing the most fun and rewarding experience possible for each and every player. We design each room to have its very own wow factor. Whether its in the form of an awesome piece of technology or an interesting interaction with the game master ( or both ), its all part of the design.

As we continue in 2019 with work on our 5th escape room design, we ensure you it is being designed with you in mind.  To ensure that you will have the most positive, challenging and rewarding experience possible. And yes, it will have a wow factor like you have never seen before.


2019 Here We Come

Red Herrings Not Allowed