Escape For All Ages

Escape Rooms are a great form of entertainment for all ages !!

Many have the misconception that they are too old or not smart enough to try an escape room. This is truly false.

After almost three years in the business, I can say that Escape Rooms are truly enjoyed by all ages from eight to eighty. Young kids are amazing at taking things at face value and figuring it all out. Adults find it to be a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. For the elderly, it keeps their minds sharp and gives them a sense of adventure.

Actually, mixed groups including all ages can have the most fun of all. What other activity can you include three generations of your family for an hour of fun ?

And forget about not thinking you are smart enough. I have seen doctors, engineers and other professionals do not as well as others. An escape room opens up your mind to think in many different ways. Some people are good at finding clues, others are good at solving math puzzles, while others  excel at worded or physical type puzzles. Many are surprised at how well they do.

One of the most important things to remember when doing an escape room is that your group should all work together to use all the individual strengths of each player. This is the best way to ensure every member of your group comes away with a positive and rewarding experience.

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