3 More Escape Room Tips

For those new to escape rooms and for those who want to improve their experience we offer three more tips to getting the most out of your next Escape Room experience.


Tip # 1

Look at all of the physical locks at the beginning of your game. This will give you an idea of what codes you will be looking for.

Tip # 2

Listen to all of your team mates ideas no matter how crazy they may sound. All escape rooms are designed differently and you never know, your team mate might be on to something.

Tip # 3

Overthinking a puzzle is quite common with a lot of players. A lot of the time the most obvious and simple solution is right in front of you. Try the simple solution first and you may be surprised at the results.


At Time Lapse we want you to have the most fun and rewarding experience possible. Winning or escaping the room is a very rewarding experience, but remember just to have fun.


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