Ginger Snapped – A Holiday Adventure – Now Open!!


**2 Players are allowed with a minimum booking cost of $66.00!**

Our one room 45 minute Holiday adventure – Ginger Snapped – is Back this year! This single room adventure is a fun holiday adventure fun for all ages!


A Holiday Seasonal Adventure – Now Open!!

Venture into the Gingerbread factory to save your fellow gingerbread friends from being baked in the oven!!
You (a fellow gingerbread person) have luckily made it out of the oven, but the oven has broken down and your friends are still stuck in there! Good thing it takes maintenance 45 minutes to get there but you have to be sneaky if you want to get out of the factory without being recaptured! Can you be the Gingerbread hero your friends need you to be? Good luck Gingerbread Cookies!